October 24, 2006

8:17 AM
Monica and I finished our last pre-birth class at approximately 9:16 PM last night. What a boring teacher we had, but I still didn't have the heart to give her a bad evaluation. She smiled and that was good enough. We watched a C Section on the TV monitor along two other births that included a woman who endured 36 + hours in labor. Of course it was followed by a short birth to give us the wide spectrum of what can be expected when baby Park is born.

Monica is in pain. Her belly is big and everything she does causes her much discomfort. We're friggin ready for this baby. 4 weeks to go folks. 4 weeks to go!!

By the way, we won a $15 gift certificate for Tiny Tots last night. We didn't do anything special. Monica just happen to hold a card that had a special sticker on it. Damn, I like winning. We are winners!
Peace always,
Mike Park