October 23, 2006

9:25 AM
Yesterday, I shaved my friggin head. I look like a monk. Not sure what my feelings are except that I had a lot of hair and now not so much. Perhaps I will go to Hollywood and be an extra in whatever martial arts movie I can find and play a bad guy. Or I can push the asian stereotype even further and be an extra whenever they need a monk.

Monica and I have come to the resolve that we are stuck for the next few months without going out at night. There's many shows that I want to go to and parties, but I don't think it's fair to leave my pregnant wife at home while I am out going CRAZY!! We've come to enjoy each others company more and more. Listening to music while preparing dinner and being thankful that we got rid of cable. Cable TV is the death of us all. But yeah, we still NETFLIX the shiiiite out of everything, but for some reason I feel there's more value in this. What do you think? When you have cable, you just kind of sit there flipping through channels and channels. And you know what?? That's no fun.

Here we go...Week of October 22nd, 2006. Let me be productive.
Peace always,
Mike Park