October 19, 2006

9:03 AM
ATTN: DOES ANYBODY have access to an old SYQUEST for graphics?? Any help?? I need to transfer some art files. Please help me if you can. Peace, mike

9:03 AM
Kung Fu Hustle is perhaps the best movie ever made. Do you know this movie? If not, NETFLIX it or better yet, buy it as you'll find yourself watching it several times.

My right thumb has ballooned up due to more basektball physicalities. I've had a strange 24 hours. Lots of stuff I can't share, but I'm bewildered at how people live and lose hope in myself when this happens. My only resolve is to watch Kung Fu Hustle and wonder if I too am a chosen one and perhaps am 1 in a 1,000,000 and have the gift of the centipede learned in the shaolin temple of (Insert any crazy sounding name).
Peace always,
Mike Park