October 16, 2006

ATTN: DOES ANYBODY have access to an old SYQUEST for graphics?? Any help?? I need to transfer some art files. Please help me if you can. Peace, mike

1:51 PM
There's not much to write about in terms of excitement in my every day life. I've been relegated to home body in the third tri-mester of pregnancy. Monica and I lie side by side watching her belly bounce around as the football player inside her gets ready for career outside of the womb. Incredibly, we still have no name picked out, but that's not really a big deal. We'll come up with something as I'm pretty easy when it comes to accepting a name. Really, who cares as long as the baby is healthy. You know what I mean?

I've gotten three requests to perform weddings in the 9 months. If you click on bookings on my website, there is a small blurb about my ability to perform weddings as a licensed reverend. Incredibly, there are people who want me to be the officiant on their most special day. To be honest, I'm very good. Not to sound egotistical, but it's something I've done for so long. Public speaking, performance, etc.. The thrill of speaking in front of a crowd is exciting. I like the adrenaline high. Anyways, I'm very curious as to how this will turn out in the future? How many requests will come through in the next year?? Hopefully many, many, many, many...

The big toes on both my right and left foot have lost their toe nail, but like a lizards tail, a new one is growing in. They were decaying for about a year due to a blood vessel bursting and slowly a new nail had grown underneath the dead nail. This may sound painful, but actually it doesn't hurt at all. It's just ugly as hell and makes for weird looks when showering at the gym. Oh well. My life as a foot model seems to be over.
Be well.
Peace, mike park