November 23, 2003
3:16 PM

I woke up at 2PM.. I've never slept this long in my life. 11 hours of sleep?? Are you kidding me. I feel like a million bucks though. I feel 100% healthy and I'm ready to rock the world. I've got to say...Yesterdays show at Gilman was amazing. I felt such a positive vibe from everyone. To be surrounded by good friends and meeting amazing new people is such an exciting thing to experience. I played very well. At least I think I did. I felt very confident and excited to be playing music. The amazing night was capped off by some basketball. The interesting Brandon Yiu of the band the Clarendon Hills had challenged me to basketball. I told him I would play his entire band. That's 3 on 1. At gilman they have a basketball hoop, so it was ideal. I didn't have my own shoes. I was wearing someone elses. And the final score?? Me-11 Them-4. I am the winner. The drive home zoomed by as I listened to demos of new Plus Ones songs and the race against the clock became more important as we tried to get falafals before the place closed at 2 AM. And we made it. Yummm... I like to eat. Made it back home and just kind of laid on the bed for an hour thinking about things. The events of the evening, the wonderful friends, the future, etc... It's fun to think. And here I am.. I'm gonna eat some food with my mom and then I gots to clean a bit and then I'm heading off to San Francisco to see the Lawrence Arms and Hot Water Music. Should be fun. Take care y'all. Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week.

Peace always, Mike Park