October 10, 2006

9:19 AM
One week ago, the A's one game one of their American League Division Series. Tonight I go to game one of the American League Championship Series. Again, what does this mean to most of the world?? Nothing..
BUT, for me it's so very exciting. I've paid $90 for my ticket tonight. People were selling tickets for up to $400 and thankfully I found this on craigslist for just a little bit more than face value. My frugality goes out the window once the playoffs start. Even if the A's lose and don't make it to the World Series, I can rest easy knowing that both the Yankees and the Red Sox are long gone. The Yankees with their $190 MILLION in payroll compared the A's and their $60 million in payroll.

So far in my two weeks home, I've managed to play NO music except for learning SINCE YOU BEEN GONE by Kelly Clarkson. I've barely played any basketball due to a bum back and an ailing knee. What else?? I've finished watching season 2 of LOST and now dread the fact that there is no more to see.(yeah, I know season 3 has started, but I want watch more now!!) I've gained 4 pounds... Ummm... What else?? I've started going to infant care class and went to a breast feeding class. hmmmmm... that's about it. FUN FUN
mike park