October 02, 2006

8:01 AM
Thank God It's Monday!!
Can't wait to get up early and start another work week. We're in the final stretch run here at Park Manor. Less than two months remain til' baby Park enters the world. FUN FUN FUN

In 1979, I moved to a small town called Los Gatos, California. That year I met two friends(Kennedy and Jason) that became my best friends throughout grade school, junior high, and then high school. Somehow we've stayed in touch and are still friends though our backgrounds are quite different. Jason now a lawyer with a strong Catholic background and Kennedy now a doctor with a Frat boy background(And god knows how much I hate the frat boys). And me now a ......?? Hmmmm... what do I do?? I guess I am a business man? Would that be correct to say? Or am I a musician? Anyways, totally different worlds, but there's a human kindness that remains in all of us and we've somehow managed to keep that strain alive and kicking.

As most of our peers have married and started families, we've somehow managed to remain single. But then suddenly Jason was the first to go, then two weeks later Kennedy went, and then three months later yours truly went. Coincidence? I think not. But there's more.

Jason let's the world know his wife is pregnant and a new baby would be entering the world. Three months later, I am bearing the news of such excitement, and then 5 months later Kennedy announced that his wife is pregnant. Holy moly!! Are you kidding me? It's insane. This past weekend, Kennedy was visiting and we all had a chance to get together to see Jasons baby Stella Farwell. Beautiful...

All we need to do is have Kennedy move back to California and our babies can continue the friendships.

Anyways, I'm back on track sleep wise though I'm sleeping early and rising even earlier. I'm gonna break out my guitar this week and start fiddling with some new songs. I'll start posting things online sooner than later. Be well.
Peace always,
Mike Park