September 29, 2006

9:22 AM
In the past year or so I've found myself driving slower and slower. For several reasons: gas efficiency, safety, and now to piss off other drivers. Yes, you heard me right. Anytime some yahoo comes speeding up behind me, I drive slower on purpose. You may see this as a valiant effort at calming the speed freaks or you may see me as one of those slow drivers that you indeed share a hatred for. Well, love me or hate me, I love driving slow. I'm never in a hurry because I always leave extra time to ward off any stress I may feel. Stress is a killer and though we all share this lovely trait I'd like to keep it to a minimum.

There is a mile stretch of road behind a park near my house that people drive extremely fast on mostly because their are no police to patrol it. The speed limit is 35 and yesterday I drove it at 33 MPH. All the while, a big truck tailed me the entire way approximately 3 feet behind me. I didn't break stride. I just kept at my pace and fueled his anger. When we finally got to a place where he could pass me, he put on his high beams and yelled at me. I in turn, smiled and waved. And then we were stuck at a red light next to each other. Instead of avoiding eye contact I waved at him for a good two minutes. Smiling and tilting my head right to left. Road rage driver didn't know what to do. First of all I am 6 FT 2 INCHES tall and look like I can kick some ass, so at least on visual contact you wouldn't want to mess with me. But add the fact that I'm smiling the whole time waving confused him so much that he couldn't look at me. And when the light turned green, he floored it. I kept my slow pace, admiring my hybrids efficient gas mileage of 50 miles to the gallon. Ahhhhh...... I like making people angry.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Mike Park

PS-it is my wifes birthday. She is 28. Happy Birthday to her. We will try to get as much free food during the course of the day. FUN FUN