September 28, 2006

5:14 AM
I've been home for exactly 56 hours. I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Wide awake, only to fall back asleep sometime in the early afternoon. I'm friggin sore as can be. Playing basketball two days in a row and getting my back swatted out of place by some meathead thinking we're playing football. Uggghhhh! To be honest, I'm in some pain. Maybe that's why I can't sleep? I'm lying face down on the ground, arching my back to alleviate the throbbing pain. The back is so important. I can't screw around with this thing, so no basketball until the pain is gone. Boo Hoo..

Right about now, Hiro should be either home, or on the train back home. He had a 24 hour flight. 12 hours to Malaysia, a 4 hour layover and then the final 8 hours home. Not fun... Actually, he'll find a way to make it fun. Nevermind... Never pity a man that can make the best out of all situations. But then to battle the TOKYO trains with a big backpackers backpack. Man, he's gonna be so relieved when he finally gets home.

So far I've done very little except enjoy the presence of my wife. Monica had mission style burritos waiting for me at the airport and followed it up by making pizza the next night. Trying my best to curve the mass amounts of food that I eat will be difficult, but it's a goal in my mind. Let's see if I can stick to it. The big test right now is to make sure I stay focused and motivated in whatever it is I choose to do. Whether it be writing music, working on the label, or just plain writing. I can't get caught daydreaming the days away. That's what I did yesterday. Absolutely nothing was done for 5 hours. Sad to be honest. But I guess this is a start. Writing a blog whilst not on tour is always difficult, but I'll keep doing it as long as people keep reading. Did you know this blog is now up to 3,000 distinct hits a day(meaning 3,000 different people read the blog)? Damn, who are all you people??
Peace always,
Mike Park