September 25, 2006

Only 14 hours and 13 minutes til' I land in San Francisco. I slept a little bit more than 3 hours last night and to be honest it was a very solid 3 hours. I feel great and have been going since 6 AM. Luckily, my friend Luca from Leech Redda in Zurich offered me a ride to the airport. Thank goodness. It would have been a difficult train ride this morning, so having that little extra bit of help was appreciated. Thanks Luca.

Here's the deal for me:
About 5 more hours til I reach Newark, NJ(Liberty Airport), a 2 hour 5 minute layover and then a 6 hour + flight home. It's gonna be difficult for certain. I've already got a bit of insanity brewing deep down inside. And though my exit seat row would seem ideal, I'm situated next to the restroom and the fumes are starting to effect my well being. The constant opening and closing of the doors and foot traffic make for a busy intersection at seat 19B. At least the movies are pretty good. I've already finished NACHO LIBRE and THE GOONIES. The next flick is American Dreamz. I need cheesy movies when flying long distances. There is no capacity to concentrate with these fumes.

Last night Hiro and I stayed with a friend we met when we first came into Zurich named Ian. He too works for Leech Redda and was kind enough to offer his space for our sleepy heads. Hiro and I really wanted to cook food, but the grocery stores are closed on Sundays. But Ian gave us free reign to whatever was in the kitchen.

Simple enough, we didn't have to do to much. All the ingredients were there to prepare a nice pasta dish/sauce. With all the junk food I've been eating on tour, the simplicity of pasta with a good sauce tasted better than ever. Can't wait to cook when I get home and of course eat Mexican food/Korean Food and I'll be sure too stay away from cheese for at least a month.

Time was not on our side, as the knowledge of my early departure gave us little time to relax. A late dinner put us at past 8 PM. We wanted to go for a walk, but whilst waiting for LUCA, the clock continued to tick through til' past 9:30. A quick jaunt to the lake and a drink by the pier for one last toast to EUROPE.

Hiro is still in Zurich. He can only fly out on Sunday and Wednesday, but our train couldn't get us to the airport in time to fly out on Sunday, so he's stuck another two days. He's a trooper, so I'm sure he'll make the most of it. But he's getting home sick for sure. He's been gone now for more than two months. I hope he enjoyed himself. I know his presence was important to me.

Alas, I am looking forward to being home with my wife, watching Season 2 of Lost, and eating moms cooking. FUN FUN.
Mike Park

It's now 3:55 PM PST
I'm in LA LA land. No, not Los Angels, still 37,000 ft up in the sky and still 3 hrs and 7 minutes from landing in San Francisco. And then I still need to drive home from there. I've managed less than an hour of total sleep on the plane. This second leg is at capacity. My eyes are heavy, but RV starring Robin Williams is on, so how can life get any better. Perhaps, I'll book a flight when I arrive in SF just for the pure joy of flying some more.