September 23, 2006

12:40 PM
The hostel we stayed at was occupied by a deaf European sports team of some sort. They wore matching warm ups and this is my only clue. Perhaps I should examine my assumptions. Maybe they just like wearing the same clothes?? But it was a difficult thing to wake up to. Starting at 7 AM, the loud thumping of chairs and then the deafening banter of Deutsch being spoken by mutes. Is this politically correct? But I didn't have to get up til' 8:30 AM!!!! Please uh.. QUIET. Oh well. There were three intervals of waking up wondering what time it was and having only 5 minutes elapse. Oh well, it's not a perfect world and I needed to get up anyways.

I'm down to zero articles of clean clothing. Washing a few articles in the sink every night before I go to sleep and hoping it dries by morning has been my daily routine. If you go one day without doing laundry you're screwed. There are pros and cons to doing this.
PROS:Not as much luggage to haul around
CONS:Having to do laundry every day or just wear dirty laundry. I've done both.
I have worn the same shorts every single day except for one. And on that day I should have worn shorts. This puts things into perspective for next time I travel. Just one pair of shorts and I'm ready to go. What else did I bring?
2 button up shirts
2 T-Shirts
3 boxer shorts
3 pairs of socks
1 sweatshirt
I left on September 7th and will return home on September 25th at 7 PM PST
What do you think? 19 days of traveling to a different city every day with that wardrobe and i still smell pretty good. YAY for me.

I ended up taking a nap from 7 til 8:30 PM last night. It felt so good getting a bit of rest before the show. It was a short walk to the club and I didn't go on til' 10:30 PM, so I wasn't in any hurry to leave the hostel. Before leaving, we saw a young man eating pasta with Ketchup and thought damn... That's hardcore, he must be on a tight budget or he really loves ketchup and pasta. At the club, dinner was waiting for us. Lasagna, both Vegan and Vegetarian options, salad, and some chocolate. Good job mr. Chef. Mr. Chef was an 18 year old punk rocker who was also the sound man.

The opening band was a young quartet from a neighboring city in Austria. The drummer was only 15 years old and the others not too far off in age. They were a good band. It seems they were influnced by bands like Mineral and Seam, which is strange considering their age. Impressive, the fact that they weren't listening to Fall Out Boy and other crap that fills the airwaves.

I had problems last night. Starting from the very first note. There was something wrong with the guitar cable or DI box and the sound kept cutting in and out throughout the first song. On song #4 my A string broke. Try playing without that one, but I finished the song somehow. Song #6, I'm playing way out of tune and then at the end my video presentation cut out again. But through all the adversity the show still went over well, even though I was going crazy throughout.

Back to the hostel, we took a towel from the club to shower. My socks weren't dry from an earlier wash, so I hung them up by the window, but when I stood on the bed I broke the supporting boards near the rear due to my massive girth. A bit of reading, a drink of bubbly water, and lights off. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Mike Park

4:53 PM
Holy moly!! We're on train #4 today. We've started our walk at 8:30 AM and this is the final stretch 50 minutes to Buchloe. All the trains have been quite relaxing, but now we are back in Munich where Oktoberfest is still going wacko!! How many completely wasted people can there be at 4:30?? But yes, lots of slurred Deutsch along with many drunkards lying on the ground as friends try to get them to some normality. People are screaming and a guy dressed in a witches outfit is lying on the ground right now. he just got up and stumbled away. holy moly. I'd hate to be the ticket taker on this ride. Alright, we're moving now. Be well. Peace, mike