November 22, 2003
12:09 PM

My dream day was yesterday. Going to my favorite veggie restaurant, eating my favorite soup(Or would it be considered drinking), being with my best friend, and going to a movie. After work, this happened. What a relief to a week full of sickness. Cough.. Cough.. The greatest indie/art theater is located on 3rd st. in San Jose. They have a bitchin cafe you can relax in and drink peach/ginger tea. Watching the popcorn pop and seeing the menegerie of people enter in their fall/winter attire. Lots of scarfs. Lots!! Having my health back gave a kick to my senses, as everything smelled better, looked better, tasted better, felt better. The patter of the cash register, people's conversations, and my eye for cute girls made for a fabulous time. So here I am getting ready for my show tonight. I am just packing away a bunch of stuff to bring to the show and I have to practice a bit also. But wanted to let you know I'm feeling pretty darn good and hopefully for those of you who read this in the bay area...I'll see you tonight.

Peace, Mike Park