September 22, 2006

6:37 PM
I'm sitting in a youth hostel, though I'm 36 years old. Surrounded by young foreigners whom need to save a buck whilst backpacking the world. My room is the size of a large closet, but it's private and that's great. Hiro is next door and our bathrooms join us in solidarity. My body is friggin tired. We ended up walking around 8-10 miles yesterday in hopes of seeing as much of Vienna as possible in a 24 hour period. With no tour guide, we just walked and walked. Taking random pictures of pretty buildings and thinking "Nice...CLICK CLICK, Nice....CLICK CLICK..."

We arrived in Vienna shortly after 2 PM yesterday, checked into a hotel 200 meters away and began our journey. My feet have always looked like hell, but glancing at them right now would definitely put them in the category of unbelievably ugly. Imagine two big toes with crushed blood vessels, surrounded by calised, cracked, and athletes foot skin. Attractive? Yes... Stopping only for a gelato and a pretzel, we managed to keep our old bodies going and going. The city was vibrant. Surrounding old cathedrals was a bustling shopping district full of both young and old. The gelato was the greatest energy boost in the world. Nutella flavored gelato had me dancing like Madonna trying to pretend it's 1988. Good for her and friggin good for me.

The promoter(Silvio) came and picked us up at the hotel and took us to the club around 6:30 PM. We weaved through traffic and somehow I managed a nap of 10 minutes. A quick soundcheck and then we were off for more walking. Guidance through a tourist map we managed to find our way back to the city center, doing more mindless sightseeing. Enjoying the lights and the busy streets of Vienna. We laughed at how tired we were taking short breaks on park benches before finally making it back to the show. The damn cigeratte smoke had already filtered throughout the club. My love for Europe is only interupted by this lone fact that smoking sucks, yet everyone seems to enjoy this tradition of early death.

My set was nothing special except for a young man who traveled from Budapest to see me play and knew every word I sang. It's always a kick to know there are people from far away places willing to drive even farther just to see me play a random show in Europe. Afterwards, the usual hanging out and then back to the hotel where Hiro and I went for our final walk. This time to look for food. We ended up going to some late night Kebab place as it was the only thing open and had stale falafel. Oh well, it's the price of late night dining.

My mind is getting tired too as I wind down the final two shows. Deep breath as tomorrows train ride is 8 hours including 4 changes. ARGGHH!! Be well people. Be well.
Peace, mike park