September 20, 2006

2:05 AM
I'm lying down in a hotel room in the small town of Roth, Germany. Before I rest my body for the evening, I've decided to write a bit to wind down. My mind is racing and it always helps to crave my insanity with writing. Basically, I had a wonderful time tonight. Meeting great people, learning local slang, and feeling a sense of fufillment after the show. The promoter for the night named Michael(and friends:DUFFY, and family) was so kind, warm, and totally carrying the torch of punk rock spirit. Michael lives on a farm with his familiy and quite an array of livestock including cows, pigs, chicken, rabbits, and more. A full garden of vegetables and fruit, we ate an entire vegetarian meal cooked Bavarian style using food from their farm. Eating organic veggies, while drinking crazy sodas. FUN FUN

All the whiile talking about music and philosophy/ideas of punk music. There was a definitely a common goal we both had and it's neat to meet someone in another country who reads the same literature, listens to the same music, and treats strangers with such kindness. I mean everyone on this tour have been amazing to us. Even people in the train stations are so willing to help. Actually, we did have one bad experience in the train station in Paris. They were just so mean to us.....WHY??? We just asked questions. Anyways, blah blah blah. I should get ready for sleep. I'll write more tomorrow. Be well. ZZZZZZZZZ

3:45 PM
I'm a bit tired. Very little sleep as I battled a fiesty mosquito that I believe was flying solo. At 6 AM, I woke up scratching and then heard the buzzing of the damned blood sucker. I got up to find and destroy. Turning on all the lights, I glanced up and down the walls, but couldn't find any mosquitos. Hiro fortunately didn't wake up, though he winced a few times. But then I spotted one. A swat with a book, but I missed. And then the bug was gone. I looked everywhere, but nothing. Persistance pays off. I spotted the bug flying towards me, but I missed again and then followed the flight pattern on to the curtain and got him/her. I could rest in peace now, but two bites had swelled up leaving me scratching for the next few hours. I woke up at 10 AM and figured I got about 5 hours of sleep.

The hotel we stayed in was so nice. Brand new, sparkling clean, hardwood floors. It was a strange location in this small town of 200 or so people. It was situated just minutes from the promoters home. We met up at 10:30 AM for breakfast and then took a lovely walk through his farm and around the bordering trail that swept through the woods. It was relaxing to hike through the forrest and hear stories of his youth in these parts. Sounds fun. The realization that I hate big city life is more apparent than ever. I must move in the next year or fear that I will fall in the trap of mediocrity. I really have nothing to complain about. The city I live in is safe and is actually a small town, but it's just not where I want to be. Near the ocean I must go.

Anyways, back to last night. As is the norm, smoking is loved by Europeans so I was relegated to standing outside and missing the opening bands. So I have no idea if they were good or not. The show was later than usual. I didn't get on til a bit past 11 PM. I set up quickly and started through the set. And though I had fun, there was something lacking from me. The performance was a bit off for me and though nobody could tell, I am always dissapointed in myself for not performing as well as I should. I sold 22 cd's after the show. Actually I could have sold more, but I ran out of cd's. I'm left with an abundance of buttons and XL/L t-shirts. I've got 4 shows to try and get rid of as much stuff as humanly possible. I definitely don't want to go back to the US with any merchandise.

I'm gonna try and take a nap. This is a short train ride today. We are in Munich. OKTOBERFEST is in full swing. Wonder what it will be like there??
Peace, mike park