September 17, 2006

12:01 PM
Back in Deustchland, I am sitting in the lobby of the Steigen Berger hotel in Dortmund. The club gets a deal at this 4 star hotel and last night we got to stay in luxury. It was nice to be in a hotel after a week straight of staying at people's homes. Don't get me wrong, I love being put up by different people. Meeting new friends and getting a chance to talk and learn about their lives, but it was nice to just sit in my underwear watching LOST IN TRANSLATION in Deutsch. Scalett Johanson saying Danke is still the most sexy thing in the world.

We had taken the train from Paris and after 6 hours, made it to our final destination in Bochum. Nothing more satisfying than being able to get to a club without the use of a motor vehicle. I had played this club twice in the last 9 months. First with the Alkaline Trio in December and then again in Feb. with Anti Flag. Both were great shows and I was looking forward to playing there again. The staff at this place have always been so nice. They really take care of you with tons to eat, lots of beverages, and a huge back stage area that is quite clean and comfortable. Next to the club houses a German version of a KMART type of store. I bought head phones for .99 EUROS and I'm listening to American Idols Kelly Clarkson. Damn, I've never listened to her before because I'm jaded, but man the song Since You Been Gone is friggin catchy.

It was an early show. Just one opener called SODA POP DIARIES who consisted of one guy named Michael. He had a very pretty voice and it was nice to hear his sweet melodies. As I set up to play, my projector gave out a pinkish white glow and I knew something was wrong. No projector tonight. Oh well, maybe i should get rid of this aspect altogether. It's much easier to just hop on stage with a guitar. The show was lots of fun. I tried out some new songs and the interaction between the crowd and myself was a lot of fun. Sold a lot of CD'S and met a lot of genuinely nice people. After the show, the club got ready for METAL NIGHT. Just a DJ spinning metal in 4 different dance floors. The temptation to stay and this was quite tempting, but I didn't want to stick around too late as I wanted to take advantage of the hotel.

We woke up at 9:30 to catch the free breakfast. Though I could have slept much longer, I am glad to have taken the initiative to make to breakfast. A full spread of hot and cold foods. Varieties of drinks including tea, coffee, juices, champagne, and sparkling water. I'm not a breakfast guy, but I forced down as much as I could and now I'm beyond full. We even threw away a bunch of food we had purchased in Paris cause we just aren't gonna eat it and we've been lugging it around for 2 days now. Check out was at noon, so I walked straight to Breakfast to the gym and wearing the same clothes, I just stripped down to my shorts and sat in the hot sauna for 15 minutes. They had an hour glass timer and the room was friggin hot hot hot. Is it good to do this after eating a big breakfast? Especially a salty breakfast as I ate lots of cheeses and the veggie omellete I ate was so salty. Anyways, I'm showered up, feeling clean and ready to enjoy the day. The train ride to Koln is only 1 hour, so I'll take my time here in the lobby as I wait to take a later train this afternoon. Be well.
Mike Park