September 16, 2006

1:36 PM
We are somewhere in Belgium traveling on the THALYS train line from Paris to Koln. Trains to and from France require a reservation which has a fee involved. To get to Paris, we paid 5 EUROS each. To get out of Paris it cost 32 EUROS each. DAMN, that's 64 EUROS just to make a reservation!!! We actually went back in line to make sure this was correct, but yes that was the correct figure. Oh well, the mindset of vacation prevails again. This train gave us complimentary breakfast. And the woman found a liking to Hiro and hooked us up with extra food. We had an assortment of pastries, sandwiches, yogurt, and rice pudding. That's a lot of sugar for breakfast. After a short nap, lunch shows up. I mean less than 2 hours later, here comes a full meal with meat, vegetables, bread, coffee/tea, etc.. We are still full from breakfast, but of course never turn down food. So we figure the meals would cost at least 18 EUROS. X 2=36 EUROS. So really, we only paid 26 EUROS to make a reservation, but at the same time we never would have ordered food on a train, so I lose again.

Upon arrival in Paris, we scrambled out of a jam packed rail station. I just needed to call the promoter and let him know we were there. But I couldn't find a friggin phone booth. Are you kidding me? No phone booth. And when I finally found one, it was for phone cards and didn't except coins. I ended up walking for nearly 40 minutes shouting profanities to myself whilst trying to find a phone that took coins. I wanted to ask a stranger if I could just use their mobie, but of course I have no skills to be so smooth. But alas, we reached the promoter and waited for his arrival. 30 minutes later, we packed up our luggage and headed to the venue.

It was already past 6 PM, so after putting our bags away Hiro and I headed out and just started walking. I guess the Eiffel tower was just a short Metro(subway) ride away, but the plan was to go after the show since it was supposed to get out fairly early. So we just walked and walked. In Japan, Hiro had seen a show on Paris that had a guy eating a hotdog in a big baguette, smothered with french fries. We wanted to find one, but were not so fortunate. We ended up getting fallafal and fries. Nothing spectacular for Paris, but a cheap meal that would get us through the night. Axel(the promoter) was making us dinner after the show, so we didn't want to eat to much.

Back to the club, the cigarette smoke had already consumed every square inch of the venue. My lungs had enough, so I had to go for a walk. I walked in circles to just stay out of the smoke filled area, checking back frequently to see if it was time to play. But every time I came back, the music kept rolling. I didn't end up starting til' 9:40 PM. Considering the music started at 7:30, that's a long ways away from the original start time. The club was so hot, I was already dripping before I had even played one note. Setting up, the power went out, but I had no more patience, so I just started playing. It was nice to just strum away. I had felt tense as it was a long travel day and I just wanted to rock out for a bit. The power eventually came back and I played nearly every song I knew. The crowd was great, as I was completely drenched in perspiration upon completion.

But we didn't end up leaving til' past 11 PM and by the time we got to the promoters house it was midnight. To be honest, I was so exhausted at this point. I just wanted to be alone. I opted against going out and walking around. The fact that season 2 of LOST was on DVD made me even more content on staying put. I ended up watching 4 episodes, passing out sometime around 3:30 AM. Not the most rock star of evenings being in a famous city like Paris on a FRIDAY night. I should have gone out dancing til' the sun came out, sniffing cocaine off a male prostitutes cock, but unfortunately I am not so adventurous. I'd rather watch LOST on a sofa couch, drinking tap water. Ahhhh.. yes, that sounds wonderful to me.

And now I am just a few hours away from BOCHUM, GERMANY. I don't even know how to get to the venue. I guess I will call when I arrive in Bochum, but I'm pretty unclear as to who, what, where, when on this next show. Wish me luck.
Mike Park