September 15, 2006

1:50 PM
Friday? Yes, we are officially in France. Je suis tres...
We are aboard the TGV train towards Paris. We arrive at 4:10 PM and hopefully will have some time to be a tourist. I've only been to Paris once in 1999 or 2000?, but had a day off to be a tourist. You know..Climb the eiffel tower...stuff like that. But this time, no day off and we have to leave early tomorrow morning for Bochum, Germany.

Yesterday we went to the oldest city in Germany called Trier. We walked through the city and marveled at the massive Cathedral that supposedly houses a robe that Jesus wore. Retrieved in 350 AD, there is no concrete proof that this article of clothing was worn by Jesus, but nonetheless it's pretty darn old. Perhaps a friend of Jesus owned it? Or a friend of a friend? They keep it locked up near the rear of the church and once a year unveil it for the masses to see. Thousands of people
flock to this event and even on this random Thursday in September, there were hundreds of people there just to look at the box through a window about 20 feet away that the robe is in. The robe is not visible. It's just a box. Hmmmm.... Outside of the church is a huge black rock. The story is that Lucifer threw it at the church, but it simply fell peacefully to the ground. People rub it for good luck.

A little bit east of the church is a fountain that an artist made many years ago. The ruler at the time didn't pay the artist what was agreed upon. In retaliation, the artist subtly created monkeys that are:
-Showing their arse
-Looking pissed as can be.
You'd never know it if somebody didn't tell you the story, but upon further inspection it is indeed a crazy crazy work of art.

We bought pretzels in town for .55 E and then an ice cream cone for .40 E. The ice cream cone was so small, I could have eaten 10. But it was a good enough snack to hold us over til' dinner.

We then headed off to Luxumbourg. We were traveling in a car with our friend Joe and his girlfriend. Did you know that the highways in Germany have no speed limit. This is a big tourist attraction for many meatheads who love nascar. They come to Germany to drive as fast as they possibly can. Sounds dangerous to me, but I'm an old man. In Luxumbourg, gas, cigarettes, and coffee are cheaper than Germany and France, so people come to stock up. The language is a mixture of French, German, and Luxumbourgian....???? Ugghhh.. It's crazy, but most people seem to be tri-ligual in relation to the one language we all speak in the US. And that's pushing it sometimes, don't you think?

We arrived at the venue at a bit past 6 PM. The place used to be a squat that the city took over and renovated a few decades ago. It now houses a cinema, a cafe, a bar, a practice studio for bands, and a large music venue. They rented out one of the small movie theaters for my show. What a perfect place. The sound was really good and they played movies during the opening acts. Act 1 consisted of RESERVOIR DOGS and Act 2 consisted of CABLE GUY. What a great idea. If I could do a tour of only movie theaters. Wow... I got to play my DVD presentation on a big movie screen. FUN FUN

Dinner consisted of rice boiled in a pot with a tomato sauce and frozen vegetables. Not bad to be perfectly honest. The opening act had told me that he had played there 5 times previously and every time it's the exact same food. how funny!!!

The crowd seemed a bit apathetic at times, but the locals whom we had hung out with earlier told us that they enjoyed the show and that's the way they react at shows. hmmmmm..... The tour thus far has been difficult in terms of the perfect show. I mean all the shows have been fine, but I have yet to receive that feeling where everthing connects. Though I'm playing like a pro and even recorded the show last night. Hopefully I can use something from the recordings. I'm curious how the Paris show will go over? Hopefully well.

We stayed in a flat near downtown Luxumbourg. The place was huge. The sound man Jimmy and the cook.. I didn't catch his name lived there along with a roomate whom I didn't meet. We stayed up and chatted about their lives, the city, and sipped herbal tea. It was quite nice. I retired watching Return of the JEDI and passed out sometime after 3 AM.

I didn't sleep much. Waking up before 9 AM to do some much needed work on ye olde computer. Since I had internet connection at their house I thought it best that I took advantage of the situation. But I took a 20 minute nap on the train and feel pretty good. Just 40 minutes til' Paris. Can't wait.
Mike Park