September 14, 2006

11:29 AM
Turkismuhle rules!!! Yesterday was a frigging wonderful, fantastic, and beautiful experience. We actually were in a town called Otzenhausen. Very small little place just east of the French border. Joe from FOND OF LIFE RECORDS came to the train station to pick us up and then we headed off to his friend Macus' home where we would sleep for the evening.

The small town had a midwest feel to it. Joe asked if we'd like to go swimming in the lake. Is it clean? YES. Ok, so off we go on this Sierra Nevada escape which has us trekking through wildlife and spotted orange mushrooms. The lake is beautiful, but so cold. I take baby steps as I make my way through the murky water. There are very few people in this area. Perhaps 5 that I see through our short stay. A man a few hundred feet to the right of us joins in on the swimming by stripping down to his birthday suit and just diving in. Geeez.... He's the real master as we stood there waist high, hands clenched repeating cold cold cold. But after seeing the master jump in I knew I had to at least submerge once. And of course I got used to the water and it was all quite refreshing. Hiro asked if it was ok to shiko(urinate)? Sure.. why not. I was going to. But just 10 minutes later, Joe tells us this is where the area gets their drinking water from. DOH!! Won't be drinking tap water.

Back to home base we settle in for the long haul as the club is directly across the street. The band SKAFIELD have planned a German BBQ for us called SVENKA. It's a grill that is suspended on a tripod. You swing the grill so that the food is evenly dispersed amongst the fire. Amazing, as it served as a hypnotic device whereas my head seemed to bob to the rhythm of the SVENKA. So relaxed. Perhaps with a giddy smile on my face. I kept telling Hiro, we are tour? This is work? This is the best job in the world.

At around 9:00 PM, we made our way across the street to the bar. It felt like I was just hanging out with friends and we decided to go across the street for a drink. Was I really here to play? The locals drank COLA WEITZEN. Yes, coca cola mixed with wheat beer. Huh? But one try and I'm hooked. And I don't even drink. The show started and I got to experience two great acoustic acts called communicaution, actionmansafariset. And then it was my turn, but again it felt more like a party amongst friends than a show. I played well and besides the incessant smoke that fills Europes finest, I managed to sing well and give a good show to the town of Otzenhausen.

The owner of the bar looked like such a stereotypical American bar owner from someplace like TAHOE or perhaps someplace north of Santa Rosa, California. You probably have no idea what I am talking about, but anyways, I kept expecting to hear perfect English pour out of his mouth, but it was just Deutsch. He made me pizza from scratch and though I was not hungry at all, I ate it and it was delicious.

Back to home base, a large posse head over again for more SVENKA action. And who am I to deny this. When will I ever get a chance to do this again. Everyone is stuffed, but we keep eating, drinking, and talking whilst the hypnotic grill holds us hostage. As the people thin out, a member of SKAFIELD retrieves about a hundred posters and burns them in the fire. These posters have cardboard backings, so the fire is friggin huge. YAY!! FIRE!! We dance and smell the chemicals. And that is it. My writing can't explain how fun the day was. I hope I can come back again and see my friends. We're off to Trier to be a tourist and then Luxemburg. Be well.
Mike Park