September 13, 2006

2:02 PM
Germany!! The language is difficult, but I want to learn. Is it possible? Perhaps I can turn all my attention towards the different languages of the world and become an international interpreter. Last night, an older couple came into the club I was playing. A Korean woman and her boyfriend. I thought "Could they be here to see me"? Anyways, the night progressed and as I looked around the club at some paintings, I heard the woman speak to me in Korean. She had read in the local paper that a Korean born singer would be coming to perform, so she came. My horrible attempts at speaking Korean had me embarassed, but at the same time determined to learn the language when I return home. It's unbelievable that I cannot speak Korean. But I sat with them for a good 40 minutes talking about anything and everything. They were quite kind and I enjoyed the chance to speak to locals. Playing music, meeting total strangers, feeling a connection, having those strangers become friends..... this is what touring is all about. There was another older couple in their 50's or 60's sitting at a table near the stage. Why were they there? Is the novelty of going out and trying new music not such a bad idea after all? Damn, it would be wonderful to have people of all ages listening to my voice. Every time I play, it seems to attract such a young audience, but perhaps Europe is different?

Karlsruhle is the town we arrived in yesterday afternoon. A woman named Jenni picked us up at the train station and guided us through the city. It was a beautiful day with lots couples in love enjoying the weather. We walked through the castle area and there housed a huge park with meticulous gardening and people scattered everywhere playing frisbee, soccer, and more. I couldn't help but smile during the walk. Cultures may change, but people can't deny good weather bringing out smiles in everyone. Except perhaps for the most goth of the goth.

Jenni took us to an Indian restaurant. Next door housed a Korean restuarant and we almost changed our minds to go there. We walked in, but I opted for Indian food. Strangely, a feeling of betrayal came over me. But there's no way the cooking is as good as my MA MA and I'll be home in a few weeks, so I can wait. We ate outside and we shared good conversation even though the food was saltier than desired. Hiro won the food war. He can eat so much, but he's rail thin. how is this possible?

There were no openers for the show. Just me. Kind of fun to be the only one playing, but at the same time it's always nice to meet local musicians. The stage sat 6 feet high and really had no center place for the musician and audience to connect. There were small balconies on both sides of the stage, so there sat people to the left, right, and in front. It was hard to get comfortable in that respect, but I played quite well. Filling an hour acoustically is quite difficult, as I played nearly every song in my repertoire. I even got an encore, which is always nice. Everyone was so nice at the club.

We packed up, said our goodbyes and made our way to Jenni's home. She lived with her family, including her older brother. Her parents were away on holiday, so that's why we were able to stay there. A short 10 minute drive and now we are in a suburb of Karlsruhle. What a beautiful house with 6 friggin cats, but the place was so clean it didn't matter how many cats lived there. It's so fun staying at someones home when it is clean. Enjoying the decor and sharing a bit of their lives for one evening. I slept solidly from 3 AM to 10 AM. Never getting up even once. A quick shower and then to be greeted by breakfast including pretzels, assorted breads, teas, milk, juice, and jams was quite the suprise.

And here I sit with an hour left til' we hit the small town of Turkismuhle. So far nobody has even heard of this place. But we know the promoter and we are looking forward to hanging out. They have promised a BBQ for tonight. We will see if this holds true.
Mike Park