November 21, 2003
10:13 AM

Greetings. I feel so much better today. I think I'll go to a movie for sure. Did I ever tell you about the two guys from the UK that are here filming a documentary for their senior project in college.. HMMM?? I can't remember, but I should mention these two lads from London. Named DOM and BEN. They came with me last week on my short little trip down south as I played some shows. Nice guys, they're leaving on Monday, so I needed to give them some mention before they left. Had a great time last night. It's really refreshing to see a group of friends that really love each other. I've never met such comraderie from a group. So sincere. This group of core friends have pretty much been hanging out for the last 15 years since junior high. Last night was their 10th annual BROS-GIVING!! Every year before thanksgiving they have a gathering of friends that come together for a thanksgiving feast. Minus the turkey, but it's still a thanksgiving feast to beat all feasts. POT LUCK from over 30 people = lots of food and variety. YUMMM.... I didn't eat to much cause I'm still recovering from the flu, but if I was 100% healthy it would have been game over. Ya know what I'm saying. I hope you do. Was even treated to a live set by Dan Potthast and the Huxtables. Free show, free food, good company are the ingredients for a good time. OH YEAH!

Peace always, Mike Park