September 10, 2006

2:36 PM
Switzerland is expensive!! The Swiss Franc is almost the same value as the US Dollar. But here is a sample of the pricing difference:
3.40-Bottle of water at a convenient store
2.50-advertised bargain cheeseburger at McDonalds
12-Gin and Tonic
25-price to get into the shows I played in Switzerland.

Holy moly!! Good thing I haven't had to spend any money. Take that back, I bought a pretzel this morning for 4 francs. Yesterday's show in Luzern was at a place called the SCHUUR. Located down by the river, the place was packed. Along with the normal concert area, they featured a backyard patio for more drinking fun and a fancy smoking lounge downstairs. Maybe one of those.... Damn, i can't remember the name. Huka...something like that. It's where you have that fancy pipe with like 6 hoses extruding outward and...I don't know what it's called. But there had to be close to 1,000 people in this building.
Also, did you know the drinking age is only 16 in most of Europe. As for the inebriated youth last night, I thought it was just kids stealing from their parents liquor cabinet.

Anyways, during Friday nights show, my DVD froze up. A small crack near the middle of the disc had it skipping. Not sure how that happened, but I should have done some kind of inspection after the UK tour, but for some reason did not. My presentation is totally shot, but whatever. I am on vacation mode and nothing can get me down.

I played first last night, which never bothers me like it bothers some bands. It's the same lineup as the previous night, so I have the same fears of playing to a young crowd eager to dance. And not listen to me play my acoustic guitar. But there were definitely some Mike Park fans in the crowd as I hear some sing alongs and screaming. Again, uninspired performance on my end but nonetheless a decent showing and I'm always appreciative to play.

After SKAFIELD, I again jump on stage to play 3 songs. And again it's fun to jump around and play make believe. It's weird to see the crowd go friggin crazy for the SKA. HA HA
There's a big back stage area and it's nice to relax after accumulating a sickening amount of perspiration in just 8 minutes. Good conversation with SKAFIELD. Well, basically them fielding all my questions. Call it a conversation or call it me being annoying. But I miss NGURU's performance. Mostly because I can no longer take the tobacco filled club. Smelling like cigarettes is no fun. Inhaling second hand smoke is even more discouraging. Another late show. By the time we loaded out it was almost 2 AM. We stayed at a hostel a short walk away. It's been awhile since I stayed at a hostel. I could only think of the recent horror film with such name. But it was nothing like that. No hot European girls waiting to kill me. Just a bed with some sheets for me to put down and a pillow the size of an airplane pillow. So sleepy I was. I crashed out quickly, only to be awoken a bit later to the singing of the drunken SKAFIELD members. Both Hiro and I laughed and fell back asleep. FUN FUN

Check out was 10 AM. I woke up at 10:07. DOH!! We hurry out forgetting to drop off our sheets at the front desk and out on the street we say our goodbyes to SKAFIELD and to the train station we walk for our first journey in Europe. It's a short 50 minute ride to ZURICH where I have two days off. Tonight, the SLACKERS are playing, so I will go to the show later tonight, but for now I'm just relaxing in the park with HIRO. Sitting amongst the locals, but looking very much the tourist in every way, shape, and form. Damn, my battery is running low. Better go as I need to write some emails.
Mike Park