September 05, 2006

7:45 AM
When you're in school, the long weekend is perhaps the greatest thing in the world. Returning to school on a Tuesday, the study week seems to fly by. I remember(just barely) how fast that week would go by. Get through today and it's already Wednesday tomorrow. WOW!! The weekend is just around the corner...Fast fast fast...

But the long weekend has me stressed out. With just two days remaining until I leave for Europe, I've come to realize that I haven't even picked up my guitar since England. That's almost a month with no practice. Add on a bunch of other responsibilities that I've been neglecting and you have a pile of work that I've put on myself for last minute duties. Ahhh... The story of my life. Who do I have to blame? yeah, me.. It's cool. That is why i'm up early hoping to get a head start on stuff. Wish me luck.

I enjoyed my weekend. Here's a rundown:
-Played Trivial Pursuit
-Saw my beloved Oakland A's lose twice in three days
-Rode my bike 11 miles from Los Gatos to Saratoga and back
-Sat in the sauna for 40 minutes straight
-Went to Santa Cruz and watched Dan Potthast rock a house show whilst eating Veggie dogs on their grill purchased at the flea market
-Went to a FRAT/SORORITY themed dress up party and ate crackers and cream cheese
-Had dinner at my sisters
-Sadly, went to my dads grave site to remember his 7th year of his passing

Mike Park