September 01, 2006

10:34 AM
As people prepare for a long weekend celebrating their laborious life style, what do those who are unemployed do? Celebrate more vacationing and time off. Fellow Chinkees member Jason Thinh just got a job and my theory is he didn't want to face the excitement of labor day unemployed. It's like Valentines day...THE PRESSURE to be with someone, to have a date. Mr. Thinh went 8 months? without a job and then Labor day comes and a job is there. Come on... that's labor day pressure sneaking up on you That is my theory at least. People underestimate the stress of being unemployed on labor day.

What the heck am I talking about? Anyways, I'm going to the A's game tomorrow and again on Monday. I've been to so few games this year it pains me. But this will be nice to just relax in the sun watching my favorite team whilst eating junk food. Good for me!! I'm a winner.
Mike Park