August 31, 2006

10:56 AM
At the gym, there's satelite television on all the cardio machines. After choosing to get rid of cable at home and essentially leaving us with one station(CHANNEL 36) and of course NETFLIX and library rentals, the pleasure of going to gym has increased that much more. Though I am trying desperately to rid myself of relying on television for mindless entertainment, I can't help but be drawn to the radiating glow.

Pedaling the lowest resistance on the recumbent bike while watching the FOOD NETWORK is the greatest pleasure on earth. Previously, you would just lounge aimlessly in front of the boob tube, but now you are burning calories watching mindless television. WHAT A FRIGGIN GREAT COUNTRY!!!

I've got to organize today. Start getting ready for my Europe tour. But I'll probably wait til' the last minute like I usually do and BAM!!! I'm stuck with a mountain of work before I leave. FUN FUN.
Mike Park