August 30, 2006

9:26 AM
Happy Wednesday people of the world. As I gather my senses to start this beautiful day... Yawn, stretch. YEAH!! feeling good. The neighbors directly to the left of my mom have done some major landscaping. Building stone walls and magical stone steps. ALL DIY!!! He taught my mom and I how to make steps, so we took a crack at it last night. Starting at 5 PM, we dug holes and mixed concrete and shaped and colored 8 steps. My back was so sore, but this morning I went out to put some water on the nearly fresh concrete and the finished product looked so beautiful, it took all the aches and pain away. Ahhh....

I'm about to leave for San Francisco. I have a meeting with a company called GOODSTORM. They have been making T-SHIRTS for PLEA FOR PEACE. We're able to create one off shirts per order which enables us to pretty much have an endless supply of designs. You can check out more info. at or if you are a designer and want to make a shirt go to and click on contest.

In 2004 I bought a TOSHIBA digital light projector. Coming with a two year warranty, the projector has been broken about 80% of the time that I've owned it. The latest incident occured probably in FEB. 2006 and now 6 monhts later, they've called and said my projector is ready. Holy moly. 6 months. What a rip off. And now my warranty is up in October and I bet the projector will break within the first week. Shouldn't there be some kind of "LEMON" law like with cars. Many previous calls to TOSHIBA have turned up empty. Basically, the poor employees read off a standard apology and I'm stuck with a pile of crap. FUN FUN....

Better brush my teeth. I'll shower later. I'm pretty clean. SMELL SMELL. Yeah, I'm good to go.
Mike Park