August 29, 2006

11:21 AM
Please forgive me for neglecting this place for so long. With my right hand over my heart...... "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THIS BLOG.. " BLAH BLAH BLAH

Geeez, I leave next week for Switzerland for my final hoorah as a rock n' roll star. Well, not star... You know what I mean. It's fun to pretend right? As my wife Monica is due with our first child at the end of November, I thought it would be best that I take a year off from touring and spend it with my baby and his/her momma. I say his/her cause to be honest we don't know the gender yet. It will be a suprise. YAY!!! SUPRISE!!!

My days have been spent wanting to play with my baby. So I watch Monicas belly move as the soccer player kicks about inside. I like to rest my head on the stomach and feel the movement. It's incredible. We'll play games and I'll bake a cake and we'll play some more games and yeah.........

Found a new Taqueria in Willow Glen, Ca. that kicks much arse. Bob Vielma from Shinobu introduced this place to me and I must thank him for there is finally Mexican food that rivals the mission district in San Francisco. No longer do I need to drive one hour to get a good burrito. The ongoing mystery of why the south bay has no good Mexican food is still in effect considering the huge Latino population here, but at least there's one good place. I mean...let me re-phrase.."there are definitely places I go for Mexican food as my life would be incomplete without it, so I've compromised thinking this place or that place is pretty good, but whenever you eat a burrito in the mission, your eyes grow large and you shake your head and smile. It's a strange feeling. Just like Chicago.. Huge Latino community, but I hate the Mexican food there. I'll stick with deep dish pizza.

Well, I guess I better do some work. I'll report back tomorrow. Be well.
Mike Park