November 20, 2003
10:36 AM

Sick? Yes...But getting better. Yesterdays shower was a blessing and seemed to put some life back into these old bones of mine. How are y'all doing? Is anyone else suffering the same fate of the flu or cold. I got this link for a comic from my friend Michelle, but I don't get it?? Can somebody email me and tell me what's going on?? here it is: (link is at the bottom)
Please tell me the meaning. So there's not much to say since I've done nothing. Just trying to get better. I did stay up til' 2 AM watching old sitcoms. Namely Seinfeld(The best, next to Simpsons), THrees Company(Hidden favorite of mine), and Cheers. Tonight, I'm heading out! There's a Thanksgiving party in Santa Cruz that I will be going to. Every year the slow gherkin gang and their friends have this pre-thanksgiving bash. It's really fun. It's neat to see them in action. Such a close group of people. It's really encouraging to see good people. Well, hopefully I won't eat to much. Take care y'all..