August 11, 2006

12:17 PM
Friday afternoon in the middle of high terror alert in the UK. Heathrow has canceled half of their flights and conspiracy theories are already flooding the streets that this is just a diversion for the insanity happening in the middle east. Hmmmmmm...... Regardless, it's a sad time in the world. Where people live in fear. Holiday turns into grounded flights and government turns into questionable authority. Who do we trust? And where do we go from here? Can't think too much about this as my stomach churns like butter.

We've been awake since 8 AM. Getting an early start today is partly due to the long train ride and partly due to the start time of todays show. We are going to Blackpool to take part in the Wasted Festival. It's actually going on right now as this all weekend festival kicks in at noon. I go on at 5:15 and then we are off to Manchester for our own little holiday. Our friend Gurpal made us a wonderful English Breakfast. Beans/Toast, eggs, sausage, the works. I'm dozing in and out of consciousness during this train ride, but tomorrow we can sleep in as long as we'd like.

We played a big club in Derby. Unfortunately the crowd was quite small, so it looked lonely in there. It's always better to play a packed small club instead of an empty larger club. The support bands for the evening was called SONIC BOOM 6. They played Reggae/Ska with a female lead singer. It was quite good. They were the only support for the evening as we both gave it our best to the largely unattended event. I played well. Feeling quite confident with the performance, the realization that as long as I play well, then that is good enough for me. At first it seemed as if there was quite a bit of crowd banter during my performance and instead of getting angry I used it as fuel. When it was all said and done, I was quite pleased. Music is lovely and the fact remains that most people unfortunately don't get this opportunity to travel and play music for a living.

My thanks go out to the club(The First Floor). They were quite hospitable towards us and I just wish I could have brought in more people to provide them the opportunity to make some money. Anyways, they were good people. I hope they can continue to grow as a club, providing music to the masses instead of another friggin DANCE CLUB/MEAT MARKET. The drive back to Nottingham took a bit over 20 minutes. We stopped at the grocery store to get some late night snacks. Hummus , naan, and curry filled my basket. And of course a supply of digestives and water for todays train ride. We watched SIMPSONS on VHS tapes and soaked up the clean carpet with our girth. Sleep was nice even though it was short.
Peace, mike park

7:02 PM
Back on the train, we're heading to Manchester after todays set at the BLACKPOOL WASTED FESTIVAL. It was like friggin 1977. 99.9% of the 4,000 punks at this show sported either a mohawk, was a skinhead, or wore a SUBHUMANS T-Shirt. It made for great photo opportunities. Skinheads playing Air Hockey, Punks trying to win those stuffed animals with that stupid crane game. But yeah, I played the acoustic stage. We arrived in Blackpool shortly after 2:30 PM. Without proper directions we just followed the punks. Again, the surroundings were surreal. A lot of older punks as bands like the Damned, GBH, MDC, 999, The Lurkers, UK SUBS, The Business, and many more participated in this insane event. Nothing more frightening than seeing 40 year old punks sporting docs, facial tatoos, and a COKSPARRER T-SHIRT. Now put a large group of skinheads in a confined building with flowing beer and I guarantee some kind of violence will errupt before the end of the night. So thank GOD that I am out of there on my way to Manchester where we will eat VEGAN food with out new friends we met our first day in Kingston.

I shouldn't complain. The show was just fine. I do wish more people saw me play, as the guy before me(Singer for LEFTOVER CRACK) had a huge crowd and more than half of the room cleared out after he was done. Oh well..... Still, I had a decent sized crowd, but you always hope to perform for as many people as humanly possible. We sold CD'S off to the side of the stage, packed up and were out of there just after 6. Not a bad days work. 30 minutes of work? And now the night is still young. FUN FUN FUN
Peace, mike