August 08, 2006

almost 4 PM
I ate 14 pieces of pizza at the PIZZA HUT BUFFET earlier today. That's a lot of pizza. I feel lathargic at best. Nothing like eating grease and more grease for your first meal of the day. Why am I such a sucker for low priced food. Quantity over quality seems to be my logic. And that's not rationale thinking my friends. We are in Edinburgh. Actually I am sitting at platform 19 on my way to Newcastle. The train is filling up as we wait for departure. There might be a slight delay they say, but that's ok. It's only 1.5 hours to Newcastle.

Edinburgh is still in the middle of it's month long festival. The craziness has worn off on me and pleas for calm filled my brain. Perhaps trekking through the busy streets with my guitar, computer bag, and luggage has put me in this frame of mind. It's kind of like a video game. DODGE the tourists, whilst carrying lots and lots of stuff.

We got into town around 4 PM yesterday and made our way to the venue. It was at a pub called HENRY'S CELLAR. The promoter was named Kevin who sang and played keys for the opening band. They kind of reminded me of MR. BUNGLE. Playing all different styles of music. Along with a band called Ansion whom played instrumental indie rock. It's always nice to play on a diverse lineup of music. A good show I would say. An attentive crowd along with the handful of drunks whom like to yell randomness. More than once those drunkards end up wearing an Against Me shirt. Coincindence?? I often wonder how these people have heard of me? Did they see me open for the Alkaline Trio? Did they just stumble upon my music? Word of mouth? As my peers and up and comers flood the trendy magazines, I wonder what place the DIY punk philosophy has in store for me. Do people understand my stance in music. Does it really matter to anyone? Do you....the person reading this even know what I'm talking about? BLAH BLAH BLAH My apologies for just babbling....

Before the show, we opt for SUBWAY again. I think I'm SUBWAYED OUT!!! No more for me. And why do I keep supporting the chains. I should be eating at the MOM AND POP restaurants, but it's so hard to deny the cheap price. UGGHH!!! I'm so cheap. And why is there no wireless internet in Edinburgh? Whereas almost the entire city of San Francisco is wireless, Edinburgh seems to be on lockdown. Even if I can find a signal, it's always requiring a password. Though there are probably a million possibilities, I try to guess the code. I'm silly. It's never worked before and I'm sure it will never work in the future. If I do crack a code, i'll be sure to buy the world a beverage of their choice.

Afterwards we head over to Kevin, the promoters flat. Along with his girlfriend who didn't even go to the show?? Let me dissect this.. Your boyfriend is in a band that plays a show 5 minute walking distance from you and you opt to stay home on the couch watching reality television? Oh Kevin, run away!! Run away!! I'm being pessimistic. I'm sure there's a good reason. But living in such a vibrant city would want me to...........nevermind. Their flat was beautiful. With a view of the castle and a spotless bathroom, we were excited to sleep there. Once we dropped off our bags, we decided to go get some food and walk around the city. We got fallafel at the same joint we went to our previous time there. The main guy working is quite the character. Singing songs loudly, smiling and jabbing with the customers. He's a good one to have working for you. That's the way to live. have fun doing whatever it is that you do.

We walked a bit more through the city. As the night air cooled, goosebumps appeared and it felt good and energizing. But then I got real cold so we trekked up to the castle and then back to Kevins flat. I used the sofa cushions for a makeshift futon. Chris slept on the cushionless couch and hiro took the floor. We watched SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION til' 3 AM and finally fell asleep sometime afterwards. At least I've been consistent... late nights, late mornings. YEAH YEAH YEAH... That could be a song title. The next few days, we've got short train rides. Hopefully we'll be staying in some nice places. Wish us luck.
Mike Park