August 07, 2006

1:28 PM
I just ate a macaroni pie. Actually two macaroni pies. Imagine a small little pie filled with macaroni and cheese and then baked. My goodness, it was soooooo..... good, but I can't imagine how unhealthy it is. Damn, it's just kind of sitting in my gut as my throat is kind of irritated from the excess grease. The bakery serves the pies in these little paper bags and the grease just soaked through it. What do you call this kind of eating?? PLEASURE EATING?? Something like that. But now I'm drinking two EMERGEN-C vitamin packets to combat the grease. Let's see who wins!!!

We arrived in Aberdeen around 2 PM yesterday and our new friends SYE and PEPE came and picked us up at the station. Along with SYE'S mom and friend John, we made our way towards their home where we would stay for the evening. They lived in a cute little house that had two rabbits and bird. All the cages were open, so they were free to roam at their leisure. The bird would fly out every twenty minutes or so and just do a loop and then back to the cage. Like clockwork almost. The rabbits for the most part stayed in their cage, but they were out on the lawn a bit getting exercise. So cute they were.

We relaxed a bit at the house and then went into town to try and see a little bit of Aberdeen. Getting hit by a few quick bursts of rain, we retreated to the boardwalk arcade and bowled on the miniature lanes. The blinking lights of the arcade were a bit too much, so we headed back to the club. Checked in with the club, got some advice for some good food and were off to a place called the TASTY TATTIE. The place had a drawing of a MR. and MRS. POTATO eating baked TATTIES(POTATO). So does this make them canibals?? I got a tattie with beans and cheese. Remarkably just one woman worked the store alone and she still deliered our food quite quickly. But it was only ok. It didn't compare to the amazing baked potato in Edinburgh. We were still hungry, so we ordered a large cheese pizza and again, just mediocre. It kind of tasted like a frozen pizza, but not the good frozen pizza. Hmmm... I don't know how to describe it.

Afterwards we headed back to the club. There were 6 different acts playing, so the music started at 7:20 PM. A great mix of acoustic, punk, and Ska. The evening was very enjoyable. Everyone was so nice from the bands, to the promoters, to the people at the show. It gave me energy and inspired. Rarely do shows do this, but I felt the urge to get up and dance. Seeing how everyone at the show was just there to have a good time. It seems like there's so much division in music. Different scenes of hipsters and bollocks of the sort seem to dominate the music instead of the music itself, but last night it was about music and people dancing and having a wonderful time. As for my set... FUN... Very enjoyable. Thanks Aberdeen for a good experience.

We headed back to Sye's home. Hiro had made tons of new friends as I heard drunken group chants of HIRO HIRO HIRO in the distance, which happens so often that I am used to it by now. The man has an amazing power to attract new friends. The day was long, but we still stayed up til' past 3 AM. Damn, I'm extremely tired right now. Perhaps I'll take a nap on the train. Be well.
Peace, mike park