August 06, 2006

12:50 PM
Arbroath is small... Not much around except for a few pubs of course and pretty houses. Everybody seemed to live in a cute little place with a nice rose garden to accentuate the almost plastic look. We played at a place called the Viewfield Hotel. The directions I got from the promoter were as follows:
Fair enough, we got off the train and asked the first person we see and yes... Indeed they knew where it was. We got off the path a few times, but we just kept asking people as we walked towards our final destination. And there it was, in the middle of nowhere really. Just a random small bed and breakfast type hotel in a residential area. We went inside to see a small pub with a stage and of course this is where I would perform. A quick soundcheck and then time to kill. We tried walking about, but there really was nothing to be seen. Directly across the street was a fish n' chips restaurant, a post office, a chinese take out joint, and a small grocery store. We went to the grocery store at least 3 times during the course of the evening. What else was there to do?

We got more digestives and water. Second trip, we got bread, mustard, salad, and other fixins for sandwiches. Hiro got asked to stop taking pictures inside the store. What's the big deal?? Anyways,
the promoter was still missing in action. I wanted him to hurry up and get there as I was under the impression that we were going to be put up for the evening at the hotel. We were quite excited for this, but upon arrival, the promoter said "no, that wasn't agreed upon". Doh...I was a bit dissapointed, but a bit later that evening he came up to me with a room key and said he got us a room. THANK GOODNESS!!! Why the change in heart?? I was so pleased. I went up and just laid in bed. I've played places before that provide lodging at the club and it's always the best experience.

As for the show... Well, another clunker. Two in a row....This one had no energy. Besides a handful of nice people, most people didn't care that I was there. A strange mix of people including some drunk older dudes who I guarantee have never left Scotland in their lives and then some younger girls who seemed more inclined to be at a Paris Hilton show were just there for some reason. Perhaps they were mates with the other bands, but for sure they didn't give a damn about me. Anyways, I was stuck going through the motions. But I did my best for those who wanted to hear the music. Chris said he would pack up everything, so I went straight to the room, hopped in the shower and then lay in the dark under the covers. It was nice to just relax and veg out. Hence the genius of staying at the same place you just played.

Got a good nights sleep and then woke up for the free breakfast at 10 AM. Not knowing what to expect, we hit gold. The cook was this rather portly Scottish man, who was so kind to us. He had a thick accent, but we were able to understand him for the most part. He was familiar with a lot of Japanese music and pop-culture. He also loves the LOST television series, which come up in conversation after I told him I was Korean and he DANIEL DAE KIM?? I couldn't understand his accent, but he said "FROM LOST"... Ahhh...yes!! Funny... But he made us a traditional Scottish breakfast of Black Pudding, Toast, Beans, Tomato, Bacon, Sausage, Egg, and Tea. YEAH!! That was a lot of fun. Just relaxing downstairs eating free made to order food. What a deal that was. So we are back on track. Feeling energized and ready for the day. COME ON ABERDEEN!!! DON'T LET ME DOWN.
Peace, Mike Park