November 19, 2003
12:22 PM

Motivation is at ZERO!! I'm still sick. When you're sick, you don't want to do anything except sleep and watch TV. And that's what I want to do, but I've got so much work to do that I can't afford to be lazy. ARRGGHH!! Help! I'm so confused or at least so yucked out. Is that a word Yucked?? Hmmm. Oh well. I haven't showered in 3 days. I feel pretty grimey. Perhaps that's something I should shoot for. A shower. I just got an email from an old friend. Perhaps it's been 10-12 years since I've heard from this girl named Kristy Larsen. It's neat to hear from old friends. Actually in the last couple months I've gotten letters from friends in high school that I hadn't talked to in ages. It's a neat thing to reconnect and catch up through conversation. Well, please send me good thoughts to get better and work harder. I'm gonna shower now. Take care..

Peace, Mike Park