August 05, 2006

4:20 PM
The train is friggin packed. How I got a seat is a total mystery to me. Both Chris and Hiro are sitting on the floor along with a good number of other people. Well, most people are standing. We've made it to Scotland!! We even saw a BRAVEHEART impersonator on the streets of Edinburgh. I wanted to yell FREEDOM!! But I refrained from such behavior. It was a great call trying to catch the last train after last nights show. What a beautiful city. And it was the first train ride at night. We actually timed it perfect as the sun was setting. Beautiful!!!

The city is unscathed from wars of yesteryear. The most beautiful setting imaginable are bestowed upon our eyeds. Though we were tired, once we arrived in town the energy level boosted to another level. It's like the first time I went to Japan or perhaps the excitement of Xmas eve. BLAH BLAH BLAH

We met up with Becca Kinsey whom let us crash at her flat. Right now the city is doubled in size due to tourists coming in for the ENDINBURGH FESTIVAL. Theater, comedy, burlesque, it's all going on. People dressed as vikings, blue men, unknown figures, etc.. surround the streets passing out flyers and just having a good time. We drop our stuff of at Becca's and then head out to enjoy the city. Still fresh and alert we try to get into a midnight production at one of Beccas theaters that she works for. Unfortunately, they were sold out, so we made our way to a jazz bar and had some drinks. Around 2 AM, the energy started to deplete from our bodies. We made a good go at it, but we decided we should get some sleep to refuel the next day as eager tourists.

Becca was working a 24 hours shift. Unbelieveable!! But she gave us her key and we made our way back home. Her flat was provided for free by her work, but she shared it with 6 other people. It was a bit unsettling to know that we were in a house full of people whom had no idea who we were. The city was still bustling at 2:30 AM. Most bars were open til' 3, with many open til' 5. After a brisk 20 minute walk, we made our way inside. Nobody was home except for Beccas roomate. I was going to stay in Beccas bed and I made sure she told her roomate I was coming. What a shock it would be to see a large Asian Man in your room when you come home. But she was already asleep, so I quietly got ready for bed and ZONKED out as soon as my head hit the pillow. It was nice.

We woke at 10 ish.... Definitely could have slept more, but wanted to see as much as we could. Up and at em, we headed off towards the castle and anything and everything in between. At times, we were just in awe of the architecture. What beauty graces this city. We stopped at a vegan baked potato restaurant. A small place that had a line out the door. For 3 pounds you get a huge potato with a topping of your choice. They were huge in size as we filled our bellies. It was the energy we needed for our epic walk up cobblestone roads, through street musicians, and the blasting sound of cannons for their military parade of sorts??

Got stopped by a monk whom asked me to buy a cd. I ended up giving a few pounds and said to keep the cd. I just don't have the room in my bag, which is true. And then I thought. 2 pounds.. That's like $4 US. What am I doing? Too much stimulation perhaps. Not thinking straight. Ahhh... The Scotish accent doesn't seem to be as bad as I remember. Perhaps it's different in every city?? WHo knows, but I seem to understand what people are saying. It feels as if we've been through a day at an amusement park. our legs are killing us as we still have much to do. Arbraoth is perhaps 80 minutes away. Supposed to be a small town. The excitement of getting into a new city awaits. As the train pulls up, we just kind of hold our breath in anticipation for what is in store for us.
Be well.
Peace, mike park