August 04, 2006

10:46 AM
It's early for us, but we've got to arrive in Stockton on Tees at around 4 PM and I don't want to take any chances on delayed trains. We're already behind schedule on this train, which puts us in a precarious position as our next connection gives us only a 7 minute grace period. How does this all work again?? Anyways, I'm sure it will all be fine.

While loading in yesterday, I was graced with a familiar face from the states. What a suprise to see FLAV GIORGINI of the band SQUIRTGUN. Brother of Mass Giorgini, producer extroardinaire. Turns out Flav moved to Leicester about 6 months ago with his wife and saw that I was playing a show in town. And even better is that he got on the bill and opened up for me. He had bought a home with his wife who is British.. DAMN, I forget her name. Anyways, they are doing the total DIY remodeling
job. It's insane. We're not talking a couple windows here and there, we're talking the entire home. New floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, new electrical. HOLY MOLY!! I couldn't believe it. But yeah, that's where we stayed last night. Even though they didn't have a functioning shower or any bathing at all, it was still nice and they totally hooked us up with snacks and a hearty breakfast.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of the town. We got in kind of late, set up, looked for food, and that's about it. We did manage to run into the first rude Brit on tour. He would be the sound man at the Charlotte, where we played. What a fuckin asshole!! Insane. The rest at the people at the Charlotte were amazingly nice, but this guy was just a mean spirited person who obviously hates life. You know the type?? Why so angry?? Oh boy. Anyways, we played upstairs in quite the picturesque atmosphere of a singer/songwriter gig. It looked like a movie set for old time England and I was glad to be submerged in this surrounding. There was a downstairs club that was more traditional rock and roll. It was kind of a distraction as the sound would rumble the upstairs acoustic experience.

The sound was a bit rocky. More of a practice PA, we just made due with what we had. Not bad, but not great. As far as the show goes... Hmmmm... It was ok. Not great, but still enjoyable. But we did sell the most cd's of the tour at this one show. That says something right? Well, we're heading north. Scotland tomorrow.
Mike Park

Almost 9 PM....
Holy shmoly, we are on the train after a short stay in Stockton on Tees. I played early today and we decided to head out and try make it to Edinburgh before the last train. I don't know what the heck is going on, but this train we're on is friggin boiling hot and there is rubbish everywhere!! It's like the entire rugby team got on this train to party all the way to Scotland. It's insane. I don't like it.. I want peace and quiet. But my t-shirt is soaked through with perspiration. Is it only ME?? The lad next to me is smiling. And people seem to be unphased by all of it. Hmmmm.....

As for the show I played.... hmmmmmm... pretty uneventful. Reminding me of dozens of festival shows that I've done in years past. Playing a huge stage with a big crowd of people who have no idea who I am.. And to top that off, I'm playing acoustic, so I'm stuck between rock bands and I'm already feeling awkward. Along with your makeshift dressing rooms, porta potties, pop up tents, and more volunteers than are necessary milling about. No matter what country I am in, these shows are the same. Some better than others, but nonetheless they all somehow follow the same handbook on festival organization. The crowd was pretty apathetic towards my cause. I tried to revert to my old standby of comedy, but that was a failure too. I tried everything. Pulling out all the tricks, but nothing worked. Uncomfortable for sure. But I still kind of liked it. Not sure why?? But bring em' on, I'll play more of these. They pay well at these festivals!!

But since I finished up early, we decided to try and make it to Edinburgh as my friend Becca is living there this summer. We will stay at her place if I can get a hold of her. I just called before we left the last station and got voicemail. Hopefully she knows we're coming. ARGGHHH!!! Peace, mike