August 03, 2006

1:45 PM
We're on the train towards Leicester. This train is pretty darn nice(owned by Virgin), it's got to be less than 5 years old and the bathrooms are super clean and enjoyable to do your thing in. We got a bit of a late start today. Needing to do laundry, we didn't wake up til' 10 AM, which didn't give us much time til' our train was leaving. The plan was to walk to the station, which would take an hour, but unfortunately we didn't have time. We ended up taking a short walk up to the bus stop where we took a double decker down to the station only to find out of train was delayed nearly 40 minutes. DOH!!! I made a mistake of buying a small bottle of water at the station for 1.65 pounds thinking I didn't have time to make it to the grocery store. Then found a a big bottle for .49 P across the street. I hate not getting a bargain..

Upon arrival in Southampton yesterday, we followed some screwy directions through town to the club. Unfortunately the directions failed us, so we asked some locals for help and found the place after a thirty minute walk. Passing through a few parks, we watched locals play soccer on make shift fields with back packs used for goals. The sky greyed as rain clouds gained strength, though it never ended up raining. Anyways, at the club we loaded in and I decided to do a soundcheck after the bad experience in sound these last few shows.

A quick check and then off we went to look for food. We actually knew exactly where we were going(that would be SUBWAY). But we wanted to go for a nice walk through town. Hiro of course was taking pictures like crazy. Two European girls (perhaps from Italy??) asked me to take a picture of them in front of the city entrance and Hiro just started taking pictures of them. I think it freaked them out a bit, but he takes pictures of everyone. After eating, we headed back to the club where I played with two local bands. The first, an aggressive hardcore punk band and the second a more fushion type of dub/reggae band. I definitely enjoyed the punk band a lot more. But the reggae band were nice lads.

The show was fun. Everyone seemed very responsive to the music and that's always a great feeling. Though my playing of late has been a little off. I don't think anyone can tell besides me, but still it's upsetting.

During the night I saw Matt from the band SKYLAR whom I played with two years prior. I remember staying at his dads house and the thought of staying at somebodys home which was clean seemed quite the dream situation. Another night of staying in a punk house would be extremely hard on the soul, so I asked him if we could stay with him. Being the excellent lad he is, he hooked us up though he now lived with his mother. He said it was a small place, but it didn't matter to us. We just wanted a clean place. Matt's girlfriend drove a small car. The equivalance to a GEO METRO and we somehow managed to fit 5 people plus all our luggage. It was quite a sight. I wish we had some pictures. Fortunately it was a very short drive.

Matt's mom was asleep on the couch. We said our hello's and then she went off to bed. We chatted a bit with Matt until he called it a night. Looking through their DVD collection we decided on watching JERSEY GIRL, but couldn't make it through the entire film. We put in BIG and remembered how amazing this movie is. It kept us up til' 3 AM and then finally SLEEP..
Peace, mike park

5:08 PM
damn, we're still on the train. Our original train was delayed almost an hour and missed our original connection, but trains seem to leave every twenty minutes, so no big deal. I'm getting a bit stir crazy. It will be nice to finally arrive and go for a walk. :)