August 02, 2006

1:40 PM
We've just left Exeter Central on our way to Southampton. Todays train ride is only a few hours. The hope was to get up early and go sightseeing in Exeter. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Though we were able to see one cathedral built in the 1100's. Beautiful, breathtaking, and inspiring structure. Hope we can do that a bit more.

Back to yesterday.......Upon arrival, the realization that there were three different Exeter stations put us in the guessing game. We decided to get off at Exeter St. David, but at the last minute I asked the dining cart attendant if the three stations were close together. He asked "Where are you going?" "The Cavern Club", I replied. "Get off here then," he said. We hurried off the train just in time. Hooray. A quick 5 minute walk and we were at the Cavern. They had wireless internet, so we enjoyed that for a bit and Dave the owner hooked us up with free Perrier and we were a happy bunch. To be perfectly honest, the people at the Cavern really are a fantastic/brilliant bunch. Thinking back to the first time I played there 4 years ago and again last night. It was the exact same in terms of hospitality. Always thinking of the band first. Rare in this day and age of corrupt music business bollocks. So that was inspiring. Also learned that Dave was in a band called ANNALISE on NO IDEA RECORDS. Great punk band.

What seems to be the norm on our less than one week in England is that most the shops close early during the summer months. Walking through the shopping district around 7 PM to find food, a lot of the shops were closed. We tried finding the cheapest food we could, so we hoped for a SUBWAY SAND., but the one we found was already closed. Damn, i thought. It's so early. So we just walked and walked and lucky us, we found another SUBWAY that was open. For less than 12 POUNDS, we all ate a full meal. The girl making our sandwiches didn't look so happy. No expression as she asked "Would you like Peppers"? It's kind of sad to be honest. The wish that everyone would be happy with what they do. I guess I can't blame her. But I bet Hiro would be the happiest sandwich maker in the world.

Back to the Cavern, we set up our merchandise and waited for the show to start. It looked pretty bleak.....there weren't many people coming in and most of the people who were there seemed to be friends with the opening band. But how can I complain or worry? I'm in friggin England getting paid to play music. So on with the show. There were exactly 36 people watching me as Chris counted them. Another dozen people in the bar area chatting about. It made for a difficult distraction to my ears. I couldn't concentrate properly and the experience of performing music last night was difficult. Again, we look at my history with music and some days I feel inspired and others not. Last night was the latter. Too much bar banter and my heart just wasn't into it. But for those who did come to see me, I hope they still enjoyed it. I'd hate to give off this aura of discontent. But perhaps the truth comes out sometimes.

After some small chit chat with various members of the audience, we gathered our belongings and headed out to our new friend BEN'S home. Ben worked at the Cavern and was kind enough to let us stay with him. He had 3 housemates. Very typical punk house type of scenery. Posters, assorted DVD'S, CD'S milling about. Along with day old dishes from roomates whom keep putting it off hoping somehow the MAGIC DISH FAIRY will clean it all up. Oh, how well I know those times in my life. The roomates will never clean another roomates dish and before long you kind of forget who the heck the dish belongs to. Ahhhh... Being young.

We stayed in a small room in the front of the house. Chris and Hiro slept on the floor, while I took the futon. The futon looked as if it had been through some major battles. Stained from front to back, it seemed to have many stories to tell. We watched BATMAN BEGINS before we turned in. I forgot how long it was as it ran til' almost 3 AM. But what a great movie. I found myself engaged throughout and it took time to wind down afterwards. This kept me up til' almost four, but I slept well and I'm ready for the day.

I desperately need to do laundry. My feet smell and I'm dirty dirty dirty. Hope we stay at a nice place tonight with luandry. My fingers are crossed.
Mike Park