August 01, 2006

3:22 PM
We're heading to Exeter from Brighton. We opted for a longer train route today. One that saw us switch once and then 3.5 hours direct to Exeter. I don't mind the length in time, it's the switching of trains that can become tiresome. We stayed at BUZZ and EMMS place last night. It's become quite the home away from home for me. Staying there multiple times on mutiple tours for multiple days, but all the time I'm always made to feel welcome.

Right by the train station in Brighton is the Prince Albert, home of the show last night. Upon arrival, we dropped off our bags and then went over to the PUNKERBUNKER to check in with BUZZ. At this point I had slept less than an hour, and was in dire need of a nap. But first we trekked off to eat cheaply at the Indian Buffet from a few days prior. I knew there was a sister restaurant in town, so I decided to try that one and see if it was any different. After a few twists and turns I managed to find it and for some reason it was cheaper than the other one. This place had two options:
B.MEAT for 6.95 POUNDS
The other place was strictly vegeterian and cost 4.95 pounds, but at 3:00 PM they had a happy hour for 3.50. That was the plan as it was 2:20 PM, so we thought we'd wait til' the prices dropped. But upon finding the sister place we didn't have to wait and got an almost as cheap price. Good thing, cause I was fading fast and wanted to just fill my belly up before sleeping. After our late lunch, I trekked off without the others and went back to the PUNKERBUNKER and passed out for 3 hours.

Buzz tried to wake me a bit later for a sound check, but I said "no worries mate, I don't need a check". Slept a bit more and then gathered my senses and headed down to the venue. A quick shave with the electric razor and some new threads and I was good as new. The place filled up nicely. Saw James' from Slow Gherkins old girlfriend Mia at the show. She was on tour herself, but had the night off. Along with a bunch of other great people whom I had met on previous visits to Brighton. Got to play with KING BLUES, SKA GAL, and JAMES . All of whom I'd played with before in England. Almost a perfect evening, but the gentleman working the sound board was horrible. How hard is it to mix a guitar and voice??? But yet, he somehow managed to screw that up. Maybe I should have woken up for that sound check?? Hmmmmm....

After our proper goodbye's, we headed back to the punkerbunker. Grabbing some grub at a place called GRUBBS and then munching down some late night food whilst watching the THREE AMIGOS on public television. It felt like a sleepover as the quarters were quite tight. We giggled like school girls til' we passed out near 3 AM. ZZZZZZZZZZZ......
Mike Park