July 31, 2006

8:11 PM
I've somehow managed to live the vampire life, staying up all night for no reason at all. Trying to sleep on the train hunched over wondering if it was possible to find a comfortable spot as the main nemesis sunlight shot down on my head, body, and soul. It's something to be said for insomnia. But after sleeping only 20 minutes it was the most insane feeling. Like someone had dropped a bag of rocks on my head after spinning me 100 times in less than a minute, but get up I did as I battled through a long day of trains and bad smells coming from me.

BLAH BLAH BLAH.... WAH WAH WAH.. yeah, I know. I just took a long 3 hour nap, so I'm slowly coming back to life.

Norwich was last night. We played at University owned function called the Waterfront. Fun show, but I didn't feel it like I did the night before. Again, that's just me going through my stupid chemical imbalance. There's nothing to complain about. People were sweet and made me feel loved. You can never go wrong with that. The city was quiet on this Sunday evening. We walked through the city area hoping to see something, but most of the shops were closed and we settled on a take out kebab joint to eat at as it was:

I'll continue this later. Peace, mike