July 30, 2006

3:38 PM
Sitting at platform 6 at the Cambridge train station. It's a short ride up to Norwich, pronounced without the W.....NORICH. I've been corrected many times already. Just a bit over an hour and we'll be there. It's been quite the ride so far. The three of us(Hiro, Chris, and myself) are excited to be here. The weather has been surreal and we've met more than a handful of amazing new friends. What a joy it is to be here.

I played a placed called the Portland Arms last night. Last November, I played there and it was a horrible show. But last night was great. I really enjoyed myself and played a long set. Played with this great young lad named Darren Smith. Great guy and great songs. Met a guy with an old school MIKE PARK shirt with the number 13 on the back. He says his wife reads my blog, so this is a shout out to them!! There wasn't much around the club as we tried to go for a stroll to find something to eat, but gave up and headed back to eat at the PUB. Good decision as they hooked us up with free food and quite delicious grub to be perfectly honest. Or maybe the fact that it was free put it in that amazing category. Hmmmmm???

Back to the show.... Hard to explain, but it's a reality that playing music for me has always been a difficult venture. Sometimes loving the experience and sometimes hating it. Therefore when you play a show and it makes me feel good, I cherish those times. I'm sure I'll have some hang ups on this tour, but so far so good. We stayed at a friend named DS' home along with his girlfriend George and their housemate Bob. Very nice place and quite a comfortable experience for us all. I got my own room with a twin bed. And Chris and Hiro got these nice cots. We stayed up late watching punk rock documentaries and then passed out around 3. To my horror I woke up just before noon. Way to waste the day. I washed some laundry in the shower and hung it up in the backyard as we still had a few hours before we left for Norwich. The others followed suit, but I had an hour on them for dry time as they unfortunately left with slightly damp clothes.

Our hosts took us for a stroll around Cambridge. Quite the busy time during the summer as tourists from all over soak up the beauty of this area. A mini Venice type of feel with boat trips all along the river as we were accosted by TOURIST hungry capitalists. FUN EH?? I guess we stick out like a sore thumb. But that was quite nice. We stopped for a quick snack. I got a cheese and onion pasty. Got to stop eating crap. With no nutritional value I basically ate a deep fried piece of bread with some onion sprinkles and a piece of cheese. Ouch on my stomach. That's got to catch up with me, so better start eating better.

But yes... we are in good spirits and are excited for the future. Be well.
Mike Park