July 29, 2006

3:13 PM
We're on a train headed to Kings Cross. There we will transfer to our final destination of Cambridge. Last time I was in Cambridge, the show was horrible. Hopefully a better experience this time through. What a wonderful nights sleep. Though my feet are killing me, I'm somewhat normal in the head right now.

A long day yesterday put me in some peculiar physical disadvantages. Nothing big, except for some serious chaffing. Is that how you spell it?? When your thighs and testicles are rubbing and the perspiration from walking all day has put your croch region in total discomfort. That's what I was going through by late evening. So much pain. Luckily, Chris had Gold Bonds medicated powder and I'm on the path to relief.

Yesterday started with trains, trains, and more trains. Spent nearly 5 hours on trains. Which is not bad if it was just a straight shot, but we had to transfer so many places. Heading back and forth to the airport and back to Victoria to get off the dreaded LONDON TUBE. Carrying 60 pound bags up flights of stairs and just being physically exhausted. Finally reaching our destination of Kingston was such a relief. I played two shows yesterday. The first at an amazing record store called Banquet Records. They put on free shows every other week or so and what a great experience to be able to participate in their ongoing series of free shows. The crew at Banquet were quite kind and made for an overall good feel vibe in my heart to know that they are doing good things all the way over here in England.

The upstairs of the record store served as an office for their record label and also a place of relaxation for bands. They have a full kitchen, bath, and living room. I managed a 20 minute nap before showtime and even made some pasta which fed 3 for less than 3 pounds. SCORE!!

Afterwards we walked about 20 minutes to the next show which was at a place called the PEEL. I played with GOOD CLEAN FUN whom I had met in Europe earlier this year. I even officiated the marriage between the singer ISSA and his wife MARIE. So it was a special reunion of sorts. Anytime I play solo on a hard core show, it makes for an interesting experience. Somehow the punk crowds can tolerate my acoustic music. It's very encouraging to play all sorts of shows, instead of just playing with sounds that would be catergorized acoustic or whatnot. Music should be shared, so anytime I get a chance to play with different artists, I go for it.

We stayed at some new friends home near the city center named TORI and MARK. Actually a ton of people were kind enough to offer a place to rest our heads, so hats off to the kindness of KINGSTON. TORI lived with a handful of other roomates in a typical college setting. The kitchen had a random high heel shoe in the corner mixed in with a soccer ball, lots of crumbs, a half eaten melon face down on the meaty side, and many more eye pleasing pleasantries. The bathroom had no power as they blew a fuse, but I desperately needed to shower, so I just took the moonlight through a crack and took a bath along with some of my dirty laundry to wash. Next time through I'm bringing as few clothes as possible. I think I can manage an entire tour with 2 pairs of socks, 2 underpants, 2 shirts, and one pair of shorts. Anyways, 6 people crammed into TORI'S room and their friend Chris even slept out on the balcony. Amazing!! But to be honest it was quite comfortable and I slept so well. THANKS TORI!!!

And now we are off to Cambridge after a nice little walk through Kingston running various errands and eating a traditional PASTY. Yummm, but greasy.
Mike Park