July 28, 2006

My show on August 12th got canceled. A few people in England wrote me asking if I can do a house show. If you were one of those people or if you can do a house show or last minute show, get in touch. Look at my routing to make sure it makes sense. Thanks, mike

7:38 AM
I never took my computer to get fixed and now the screen keeps going out. It can be the slightest movement and BAM it's black. Oh well, what can you do? Make do with what you have I guess. I am sitting hunched over on a futon in Brighton. Getting ready to leave for London Heathrow to pick up the final person in our party...CHRIS CANDY. This will make us complete as a trio to tour around England and enjoy the pleasantries of this beautiful place.

Upon arriving in Brighton, Hiro and I walked down the road to the PUNKERBUNKER RECORD SHOP where my friend Buzz works. In the middle of this short 10 minute walk was a blast of rain that only jolly ol' England could offer. We stood under an awning to wait it out when i realized we were about fifty feet away from our destination. We made a run for it and suffered limited water damage. Buzz let us store our luggage in his flat and then we headed back out to explore the streets. First time contact for Hiro in Brighton. He seemed like a kid in a candy store. WOOING AND WOWING over the beauty of this town. We went to an Indian Buffet for 4.95 POUNDS. Hiro started taking pictures of the food which is his normal doings, but the manager said "BROTHER NO PICTURES". Hmmmm... Well, we just ate instead. Large amounts of food were being consumed in this small place. Not only us, but this husband/wife duo were going to town!! Unbelieveable I thought. The goal was to somehow stay up til' 10 PM or so and beat jet lag. We were feeling pretty good, but after the large meal we were shutting down. Hiro had more energy than me, which seemed insane considering how long his travel was. We walked for almost two hours when we conceded on going back and taking an hour nap. That hour nap turned into three hours and we definitely could have gone longer, but BUZZ woke us up. He knew we would be in big trouble had we slept through til' late night. At this time it was still only 6 PM, so we gathered our senses and met up at pub a bit later. Buzz drew a map for this pub, but as soon as we exited his place, I realized I left it upstairs. DOH!! I had no idea where to go, but with some CSI:Brighton action, I figured it out by asking random people if they knew BUZZ and if they knew of a pub he frequented. AFter the 12th person, we hit gold and found our way to the EVENING STAR. A pint of NATURAL BLONDE put me in a dizzying state. How could one beer do this?? Well, 5.2% alcohol I guess would answer this. I PEED about 10 times when I was there. Another strange occurance?? I only had one beer. Hmmmmm.....

We finished up with some good conversation and company from locals at the pub and then headed to a convenience store for some beans and bread. Hiro wanted beans and toast so bad since we were in England. We fired up the stove and ate two cans and a half a loaf of bread. YUMMMM... I have to admit it was satisfying. Probably not the most nutritional meal, but BULLOCKS. It was good. It was just past 11 PM at this time when my body just started shutting down. I tried desperately to stay up, but just couldn't keep my eyes open. As soon as my head hit the ground, I was asleep. Hiro and I made a T shape on the stained carpet floor as we listened to the late night Brighton partiers loudly depart the after hour pubs. We woke up periodically through the night which was strange to see Hiro awake every time I would get startled by the noise outside. I ended up peeing in a water bottle twice through the night as the only restroom is upstairs in Buzz and Emms room. Then the seagulls went into full morning rage. It was crazy to hear them scream. How load could they get?? But somehow it was refreshing and even though it would wake me up, I always fell back asleep right away. I managed a bit more than 7 hours, which hopefully will put me back on track. We'll see. We're off to Kingston today. Be well.
Peace, mike park