July 27, 2006

My show on August 12th got canceled. A few people in England wrote me asking if I can do a house show. If you were one of those people or if you can do a house show, get in touch. Look at my routing to make sure it makes sense. mikeasianman@aol.com

8:27 PM PST
Walk the Line is playing on a 40 inch pull down screen approximately 4 feet in front of me. Causing severe eye strain. The unfortunate disapointment of not having individual TVs was a devastating blow. The first thing I did when I got on the plane was look at the back of the seat in ECONOMY, but I didn't have to as I saw the small TV'S displayed down the aisles. DOH!!

But to be honest, this flight has been quite nice. I've managed 2 hours of sleep (no matter how uncomfortable, it's still sleep!!) and now I've got less than 3 hours remaining til' sweet England. The nervousness of going through immigration is my only other obstacle.

And hoping that Hiro gets through without a hitch. His flight arrives an hour before mine, so hopefully he is waiting for me on the other side of customs. Last time he went to England, they held him for 6 hours in customs. Why?? It always scares me. Going to another country and having them say sorry, no entry for you. I've heard horror stories from bands like STRIKE ANYWHERE and J CHURCH. Getting deported. DOH!! No fun.

I started my day at 5:45 AM. It was easy to get up as the internal clock was on the go. I managed a good five hours of sleep before heading to work for some last minute "MAKE SURE I GOT EVERYTHING DONE" checks. It's like clockwork, but everytime I leave for a trip, I get stressed beyond belief, but once I leave I'm fine as I am now. It's unbelievable how relaxed I feel after flying for almost 8 hours, but to be honest, I feel fine.

I've got a day off when I get to England and will take a bus to Brighton. My favorite city in England. And then it's time to kick off the tour. Be well.
Mike Park

I friggin made it. I am delirious. What to do? Do I try to stay up?? Hiro has slept 6 hours in two days. How is he still so energized??