July 21, 2006

10:33 AM
I woke up at 5 AM after dreaming about the Velvet Turtle. It was where I worked from 1987-1989. First as a busboy and then a banquet waiter. I saved over $30,000 from that job when I quit at the tender early age of 20. But for some reason I dreamt that I was back on the job after all these years. That somehow I was still on the schedule, but had forgot to go in for 17 years. Hmmmmm.... So it woke me up and then I had to do a google search. The Velvet Turtle had locations in N. and S. California and a few in Arizona, but to my dismay they were all gone. I wanted to find a location, take Monica and eat my favorite foods from yesteryear. BUT THERE WERE NONE and I was sad. So sad that I ate a bowl of cereal and fell back asleep until 9:22 AM. Monica woke me up. "It's almost 9:30...WAKE UP!" And in one motion I was up and out the door. In less than 60 seconds for sure.

So we're going through quite the heat wave in Northern California. Which I don't mind. It's fun to be honest. Though I have AC, I don't use it. Why? I don't know. It's a waste of energy. Tough it out I say. Short pants, flip flops and no shirt. Well, I've got a shirt on, but if it gets to hot... I'll just rip it off like Hulk Hogan.

Monica is back home. We've got a few days left before I leave for England, so we're trying to enjoy out time together. Her belly is big, the baby is kicking, and our activities are limited. Reading to the baby and feeling it kick is exciting. We get googly eyed as we hold each other. It's fun to be in love and to enjoy truly have a best friend. Me = SAPPY.
Mike Park