July 14, 2006

10:58 AM
My stomach hurts. Ugghhh.. Kind of this annoying pang pang pang and the constant need to relieve my colon of excess baggage. Yeah, not the prettiest of thoughts, but it's the truth. But what about Pirates of the Carribean?? YAY? NAY?? I say YAY!! ME LIKES BLOW EM UP ACTION... But the fact that Johnny Depp....Mr. 21 JUMPSTREET himself is a rockin actor puts this in the thumbs up category. Plus, the girl from Bend em Like Bekham is so good looking it hurts. Do you know what I mean?? There are certain women that are just sooooo good looking that you curl up in a ball and say Oooooohhhhhh... goodness.... Who else is in that category?
-Scarlett Johanson
-Jessica Alba
-Monica Nappi
Mike Park