July 12, 2006

7:55 AM
HOWZIT... Thanks to all of you who wrote letters of congrats. Yeah, it's gonna be crazy being a daddy, but again I'm so excited. WOOHOO!! I've got a lot on my mind and my curiousity of where do babies come from has finally been discovered. Anyways, another horrible night of sleep. Perhaps 6 hours. Eh?? WHo knows. Maybe I'm not drinking enough liquids. But I just can't get that......mmmm.....you know... that total amazing night of sleep where you feel like you've just gone to heaven. hmmm....

I've got exactly two weeks to go before I leave for the UK. In that period of time I need to kick ass on all facets of life:I.E.: WORK...mostly. Get everything ready for tour. BLAH BLAH BLAH....Organization...BLAH BLAH BLAH

NEED TO GET BACK in the mind frame of simplifying. Getting rid of all the UNECESSARY JUNK. Is it easy to clutter your life with junk?? YES!! Is it easy to get rid of that junk? NO!! I've had a pop corn machine that's been sitting in my garage unopened for 11 years. I'd re-gift, but the package is all scratched up. DOH!!

Before I left for work last night, I called Ben Weasel to discuss the Riverdales re-release I'm doing. Talking to Ben Weasel is the best. He can rant and bitch better than anyone. Somehow he needs to go on tour and just do spoken word. Bitching about every single thing that pisses him off. I'd pay to see it. Especially since WEASEL is such a legendary band, I bet a lot of people would go. I wonder what it would take to get those dudes a re-union. Ben is crazy, but in a good way. Who knows. I just like talking to him on the phone. Anytime I make a call that should be 5 minutes, turns into an hour of joy. I'd never get off if I could.

Well, I guess I should leave for work. I'm sitting here on bed doing what I do best. Sitting..
Mike Park