July 11, 2006

6:59 AM
Go back to yesterdays entry as I just posted some more BLOGGING!! Remarkably after 3 hours of sleep in 43 hours I was still chugging along. In fact, I was still up at midnight. And somehow I thought I would sleep for days, but at 6 AM I was wide awake. Calling Monica in Maine to see how she is doing and...... Ok, here's some gigantic, humongous, enormous news..

I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!! I haven't shared this on here yet, but I think it's time to let the world know that Monica is pregnant and I will join the ranks of fatherhood. Incredible. Life has truly changed for me as I prepare to step up to the plate and raise a family. I will always be a kid at heart, but I've always continued the same lifestyle as I did when I was 18. So I will have to cut down on touring for a bit and start getting used to staying grounded. Ahhhh.. I'm excited. I will be a good daddy.

Anyways, Monica is staying put in Maine for a little while longer as this will be her last time to be with family for the year. No more traveling for her. After my Europe tour in September, I will also be done. I've turned down 3 offers to tour the states this summer with big bands. Unfortunately I won't be doing much in the way of live music, but i will definitely be writing tons and tons.

There's lots to be done and my mind races harder and harder. Wish me luck people. I'm ready....
Mike Park