July 10, 2006

7:47 AM PST
137 seats on this southwest flight and lucky me 137 passengers. I have an aisle seat, but it's still very cramped for yours truly. I managed a 30 minute nap at the beginning of the flight and now I'm counting the seconds pass by until we touch down in Vegas. A short 45 minute layover and then my final destination of San Jose, California. Knowing I had to be up at 3 AM, put me on orange alert. Which caused me to toss and turn all night. Perhaps I slept 2 hours??? Have no idea. To be honest, it felt like I never got in that deep sleep mode... But I feel ok right now. Unfortunately I didn't charge my computer and there's only 21 minutes of juice remaining. I need to kill time.. I've got no book, no Sudoko, and I've already read the inflight magazine from the flight out to Maine. DOH!! There's only so much you can do to kill time on a plane. Sleep would be wonderful, but that's not going to happen.

My mind is racing a bit, perhaps that is why I can't sleep. Let's look back at my week:
JULY 3rd
MONDAY:Sat on a plane for an entire day finally reaching Monicas parents house at 11 PM. WOOHOO!!
TUESDAY:My first glance at Maine with the SUN shining. Beautiful. Visited Monicas grandma MAM. Finished the day with the first of many amazing meals prepared by the Nappi family. Fell asleep at 8 PM and HAPPY 4th of JULY!! WOOHOOOO!!
WEDNESDAY:Waking up at 5 AM is interesting cause the whole Nappi famiily wakes up at 4 AM. Up and at em. At this point word got out to the mosquitos that I was in town. The bites would pile on from this point on. Went to SUPERMAN at night.
THURSDAY:Went to the ISLAND. What is the Island you ask? Well, it's an island. Population ZERO!! Monicas father got his boat ready and 10 relatives boarded on two seperate trips to the island. Amazing. We were friggin the only people there and I had to bury my poo in the wilderness. Managed to get only 4 bug bites before the OFF bug repelent arrived. I drowned myself in that and I was good to go. We went fishing, but caught nothing. 8 hours at the island is exhausting though we did nothing but relax. Asleep at 8 PM, I set my alarm for 10:20 PM and off to PORTLAND airport to pick up HIRO TANAKA who was flying in from Japan. An hour delay and Hiro finally comes off the plane with camera in hand taking pictures all the way to the exit. He is a genius.
FRIDAY:My family is flying in. MOM, SISTER, and BROTHER IN LAW. Hiro, Monica and I set out to the aiport. Lunch at the Lobster shack. Overpriced carnival food in the most beautiful setting on the ocean. WOW!! Breathtaking. Back to the Nappis, get ready for the big day..
SATURDAY:My wedding... Wonderful.. Perfect ending to a somewhat stressful time in my life. When it was over, we toasted the sunset with ice cream..
SUNDAY:Hiro, Monica, my mom, and I walked the waterfront area. Dilly dallying about until lunch. Ate some hybrid Korean/Japanese food. YUMMMM... For dinner my family came over to the Nappi home and we had a Maine Lobster feast. It was incredible. I can die happy.

And finally.....
Before I boarded my plane home, I went to use the rest room for a final time. Upon my exit I spot a large black man coming out of security. This man was LARRY SMITH. You probably have no idea who is, but I wrote a song about him with my old band Skankin' Pickle and was president of his fan club. Un "FU@#IN believeable that I would see him here. I went straight up to him and said DO YOU REMEMBER ME? I was the president of your fan club. He said of course. and after some small chit chat, we embraced. Well, we just shook hands. I wished we embraced. And we boarded our seperate planes as I kept looking back with tears rolling down my cheek... Sniffle sniffle.
Mike Park