November 17, 2003
10:31 PM

I am sick. I have the flu. I just drank 1 and a half packets of thera flu to make my head stop pounding. Oh man.. It hurts. Make it stop. Driving home from Las Vegas was extremely painful. 9 hours of trying to stay awake. There was an instance where we were on a one lane highway and I tried to pass a big rig and oncoming traffic was coming towards me. But it was too late, I had commited and I needed to go for it. It was like in the movies. My heart pounded pretty hard and it woke me up, but man...I need to be more careful. That's not so fun. I made it by the way. Slept for most of the afternoon today, but don't feel motivated at all right now. Partly because I'm sick and partly because I just don't want to do anything except veg. out in front of the tv. Simpsons are on in a half hour, so perhaps I'll jump ship and get in front of the mindless tube. At least it's the Simpsons. It's only Monday, but before I know it the week will be up. Saturday is a big show for me at 924 GILMAN. A local show and a club that I grew up playing since I was a young one. It should be fun. We'll see I guess. Alrighty...Goodnight y'all.

Peace, mike park