July 03, 2006

11:13 AM
My guess is that I'm somewhere over the mountains of Utah. Currently 2.5 hours from Chicago where I will wander for 2 hours until I leave for Manchester, New Hampshire. The task of flying to Portland, Maine is not the easiest. No direct flights always makes me crazy. And in this case, Manchester is still 2 hours from my final destination of Gray, Maine. A rental car awaits me and then a straight shot up I-95. Ahhhhh.... I'm looking forward to seeing Monica and her family. We've been apart for almost a week, as she departed for Maine last Tuesday to be exact. A few days to visit her relatives, to get acquainted with the area and then marriage on Saturday July 8th. How exciting. It's gonna be a small wedding, held at her parents home with mostly relatives. I invited zero people as the plan was to have a reception back at home, but ya know... I've decided against that for now. Perhaps in the future?? Let me take that back, I invited my friend Hiro from Japan and that crazy guy is coming. He's the best... I'm excited....

Between seeing my friend Shigeo from Japan, going to Eidelyn's sweet sixteen birthday, and seeing some people I hadn't seen in over 10 years at Jason Farwell's BBQ made for a full weekend. Anytime I see peers from High School I can only wonder where all the years have gone. The reality is that most of my friends are younger than I and only when I'm put in the setting of my older friends do i realize that yes... I'm getting old and so are my friends. Seeing the shades of grey amongst the ever expanding mid sections put things in perspective. You grow older, you hair greys, you get bigger, and you have kids. Lots of kids. Everyone had kids. KIDS KIDS KIDS. FUN? I hope so... ;)

Uggghhh..still 2 plus hours to go. We were given peanuts and a snack box that consisted of Ritz Cheese Crackers(yummm),Dried Fruit(Why so much sugar in this?), and oreo cookie crisps. Advertised as low fat, less than 100 calories. WOOPDEEDOO.. Give the friggin cream filled cookies. DOUBLE STUFF. My lap top is acting up. The screen keeps going out. Hopefully I still have APPLE CARE. I need to go as soon as I get home. Perhaps they have an apple store in Portland??

mike park