June 29, 2006

-HEY!! Thanks to the anonymous person from OHIO who sent me this amazing home made journal. You are so kind. I want to thank you, but you left no name or contact. The journal has lettering stitched on the cover that says PLEA FOR PEACE and the binding is done with a guitar string. AWESOME!!!

9:45 AM
Hello... I'm desperately trying to organize myself as I'm quite the expert at discombobulation. Did I spell that right? WHo cares. I'm currently sitting with poor posture. Sagging towards the end of my seat. Paperwork clutters every inch of my office. I look at it and think... Hmmmm... I should really do something about this. But I don't. I'll start playing SPIDER SOLITAIRE for the next hour. I'm hopeless at times and then a machine at others. Right now I'm kind of in between. Getting some stuff done, but never enough. Poor me..

I had met up with an old friend named JOEY BUSTOS. He used to play in LINK 80 and now is playing in a new band called STREETS TO NOWHERE. They just signed a major label contract and he's excited to have a shot at making a living playing music. It was my first time to see his new band play and though it's not really something I would buy, I can see why people would like it. The awkwardness of going to a show at predominantly youth oriented function is starting to weigh heavy on me. Thank goodness my friend Jocelyn came with me or I would have for sure felt like the dirty old man foaming at the mouth over the youngsters. That sounded horrible.. You know what I'm saying though right?? Ahhhh..

But yeah, Joey is a solid guy and I always enjoy hanging out and talking to him. Super funny and at only 26 years old, he's already lived a life of a 70 year old. Serious, he's crazy and somehow all the screwed up things have worked out for him. Like he has an angel watching over him. Kind of like Angels In The Outfield. You know that movie?? I do.. He was 13 when he started playing in LINK 80. Already a veteran in the music industry at 26.

Tonight I'm gonna meet up with another old friend for dinner and then hopefully dancing downtown San Jose. Blank Club?? Perhaps that will be the place to go for me.
Mike Park